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Unexpected. Unrequited. Forbidden. Eternal. Everyone has their own love story.And in a twist of fate, four extraordinary love stories combine over the course of a romantic Valentine's Day in Medieval England. Miles and Shelby find love where they least expect it. Roland learns a painful lesson about finding and losing love. Arianne pays the price for a love so fierce it buUnexpected. Unrequited. Forbidden. Eternal. Everyone has their own love story.And in a twist of fate, four extraordinary love stories combine over the course of a romantic Valentine's Day in Medieval England. Miles and Shelby find love where they least expect it. Roland learns a painful lesson about finding and losing love. Arianne pays the price for a love so fierce it burns. And for the first and last time, Daniel and Luce will spend a night together like none other. Lauren Kate's Fallen in Love is filled with love stories . . . the ones everyone has been waiting for. True love never says goodbye . . ....

Title : Fallen in Love
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Fallen in Love Reviews

  • Cait
    2019-06-21 03:49

    Post-review:I feel like, after reading almost all of this series, now, including the in-between book that I was in no way obligated to read, I am allowed to write a letter. I feel as if we have much closer over this series.So much closer.....: My dearest Lauren Kate; my honey-bun, my up-and-downer; my peach, I regret to inform you that your writing has gone all-out bipolar on us all, and this book is prime evidence of that fact. Passion was the worst book of this series to date before this book was published, in my honest opinion, and I believe that Fallen In Love wasyourhonest attempt at rectifying the train wreck that your last book was. You were trying to follow that old saying: I think that the lawn mower really makes the scene. Take some notes, Katey-waty. Sad to say that you tried, and you failed. Your lawn mower never even got off the ground; it kind of wobbled off into the air just a little bit, but when you had your excerpt of Rapture in there it just exploded into a fiery blaze. Seriously. It was so huge it burned my hands. Be expecting the medical bill from the hospital either also inclosed inside this envelope or as a later package a couple of days after. Let's go over your first story in this little four-storyheadacheextravaganza. To be blunt with you, dearest, it really was not good. The whole romance with Shelby and Miles was so awkward, not well-written and just......plain old shit. Don't get me wrong, my little cup-Kate, I'm extremely glad that there isn't a love triangle anymore (although you either purposefully or accidentally decided to hint at Luce with Cam again in the Rapture excerptshoot me now ) between them, but it was just bad. Here's some of those awkward first-story gems:Then I realized it was just me and Miles.Alone. And another gem at basically the very beginning: "I thought we were home!" Shelby cried, her voice landingsomewhere between a bark and a whine. Why, Katie boo-bear? Why? Did youjustrealize that, Shelby? After, even in your own words, an "eternity" of jumping through time with mainly just Miles that little light-bulb of thought finally entered your character's dim little brain? Just because you feel the need to write another story and milk out this series doesnotmean that you can randomly write a relationship between two characters that was never even hinted at before! If you're going to write a love triangle and dig yourself into that terrible, dark, hole then you'd damn well come up with a fantastic way to get out of it! The whole passage was just Shelby having a fetish for Miles' damned hat and a really random make-out sesh at the end. And what the hell? Abarkand awhine?What is Shelby, abitchdog? I tried making that noise myself and it either sounded like I had a speech impediment or, well, a dog. I understand what you weretryingto say, but you didn't say it at all correctly, sugar. I feel as if, Katie dear, if you had just left out that story I could have given this book possibly even three stars evenwiththe Rapture-disaster at the end! I'm sorry, Katydid. I didn't mean to get mad, because you really did redeem yourself in the middle two series.Now, mon petit chou, I want you to guess why I liked the next two stories. Really, just guess. No? Okay, then I'll tell you:BECAUSE IT WASN'T ABOUT LUCE OR DANIEL!I'm sorry, sweetie, I couldn't keep it in.I was actually about the side characters that I could stand, and I honestly think that their stories, if they were elongated, would be better than this whole Fallen series. I'm not even kidding right now. Now, Kate, I am still not in any way saying that the two other stories you wrote (omitting the one about Luce as the last story which was still decent in comparison to some other Luce's.....other visits to her past) were fantastic, but they werestilltolerableandreadable,andactually had a good kind of messageandArianne and Roland actuallylearnedfrom what happened to both of them because of loveandhad decent character development with an again somewhat decent moral/lesson at the end! Those two stories (which I may or may not elaborate on some more when it isn't so lateand I know where the damned book is ) were just another concrete example as to how what you think is someone being pessimistic and foolish are the people that are actuallydecent;not the ones whom you think are the ones in "real love"I just wish you had written the rest as you did with Roland and Arrianne, Kate.With dearest regards your amazing, intelligent, beautiful, incredible, and ineffably sagacious, Caitlin. Oh, and as an added aside: I would write about Rapture in this review, but I have so much rage for even those first damned fifteen pages or so that I'm going to write aboutallof my feelings in a Rapture pre-review in the next couple of days, so be ready for that one, folks.And I just added this gif because I can. Good day to you all.Pre-review:Bhahahahahahahaha! This quote.....oh this quote..... (this was the synopsis before my dear Goodreads friend-and librarian- changed it to what it is now) This book is about the only Valentine's day that Luce and Daniel ever had together. How romantic and heartbreaking is that? *picks up the supposed "book" *BHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHAH!How romantic, and *splutters*heartbreaking? This has got to be one of the best practical jokes I've ever heard of in my life!! Now, come on, someone 'fess up. It was funny while it lasted, but come on now. Somebody own up. Was it you, Cillian?*looks around and sees nobody*Okay, if not Cillian, than maybe Mocha?*still sees nobody and grows panicked* Anyone?! Come on; this is just way to corny to be an actualbook! *cricket cricket* this isn't a joke?Oh my God I am officially horrified. This is actuallya book?!?!?I am........astounded. Is Lauren Kate seriously thisgreedydesperate for money that she writes about Luce and Daniel.....on Valentine's Day, no less? That is seriously the epitome of cliche and horribleness! I can't....I can't......understand.....brain.....fried....

  • Steph Sinclair
    2019-06-02 03:36

    This book is about the only Valentine's day that Luce and Daniel ever had together. How romantic and heartbreaking is that?

  • hayden
    2019-06-12 06:35

    (scroll for review)They REALLY need to stop screwing with Fernanda's art!!!Wow. What a complete waste of paper. The last time I checked, a "novel" was more than two-hundred measly pages of huge text and lots of chapter breaks. Calling this tiny thing a "novel" is ridiculous, as is pricing it at $15.99. Luckily, I got it on sale at Target, so it wasn't too expensive, but I totally want my money back after reading it.Also, the last time I checked, a novel in a series was supposed to advance the overall plot. At least a little. In FALLEN IN LOVE, the word "plot" is nonexistent. Cute, sappy valentine's day stories aren't enough to satisfy your readers, Kate. The franchise doesn't need to be milked any more. Honestly, I would've rather gotten RAPTURE after a normal nine-month period than wait another three for this piece of crap to be released.The first story in FALLEN IN LOVE is the story of Miles and Shelby. This was my favorite (and the only one I actually liked). So much of it was backstory and background and description, and so little of it was actual character development, plot, you know, stuff a book needs to thrive? Even though I liked the romance between Shelby and Miles, I wasn't completely enthralled about everything else.The second story in the book is the story of Roland. I also liked his story, but I wouldn't consider it a love story. ****Partial Spoilers**** Maybe a heartbreak story, but that's crossing the line. He talks a lot about his lost love and feels sad and stalks her and in the end, just realizes that (view spoiler)[Sometimes, true love is just having friends (hide spoiler)]. *Gag*The third story is Arianne's story, which I wasn't crazy about. Fourth was the valentine's story of Luce and Daniel. That's right, the ones the whole series are devoted to. I don't know why this was necessary; the entire FALLEN series is their perpetual and gag-worthy love story. This story I mostly skipped over.At the end of the book is a snippet of the next (and last, thank God) book in the Fallen series, RAPTURE. I will admit I was really excited for this. FALLEN IN LOVE was a huge disappointment, and I thought I'd like the RAPTURE sneak-peek more.I didn't.It was boring, and I skipped over a lot of it. I hope the book reads more smoothly than the excerpt that was included, because if that's how the rest will be, I'm not so excited for it anymore.FALLEN IN LOVE was a big disappointment in the world of FALLEN. Hopefully RAPTURE will redeem it a little bit.Wow, cover model. Don't bend over, or your boobs will fall out of your shirt.Edit: 1.15.12OMG it's on NetGalley!Request, request, request.By the way, THEY NEED TO ACCEPT ME FOR ENDURE BECAUSE I NEED IT BEFORE I NEED FOOD.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Saniya
    2019-06-20 05:41

    Fallen in love?Fallen 3.5?Is this a very nasty joke? *looks at the reviews* O_O Shit.Awesome. Just freaking awesome. Now I got to read this '3.5' book too. God! is this just me who wants to just finish this fucking series already so I could know the end due to my big mistake of even starting reading this series? I seriously want to finish and get over with this.Anyway, pretty cover. -.-

  • Kiriaki Sandy
    2019-06-19 01:39

    To all of you people out there,there is one thing I don't quite understand; if you have already read the other books in the series, and didn't like them, why do you really have to go and search about this book? And then, why do you have to "review" it, since it hasn't even been published yet? Even if you have no other interest in your life other than being all mean to authors and books, I suggest you keep it to yourself. You can write in your diary. (Okay, the tagline was a bit lame indeed, but still...)

  • Haleema
    2019-06-15 05:53

    Okay. So maybe I knew what I was getting myself into. Just maybe. But I still gave it a try. I was sane enough to. But boy. Boy, oh, boy. The first story was incredibly idiotic. Miles and Shelby are nincompoops.NINCOMPOOPS.I don't know why I just did that. Anyway, Shelby is so annoying. Miles is such a wuss. All they talked about was Luce and Daniel. And it just amazes me how those two tolerate each other. I mean, I have to be pretty insane to not want to beat the crap out of them. Pretty. Insane.Like jacked up. So after I couldn't stand those two, I skipped to the next story. BORING AS HELL! How can anyone stand reading this? I skipped the other story as well. Completely ignored it.Now it's all about Luce and Daniel's perfect Valentine's Day. Yay! Let's party! Cheese over cheese. By now it seems like my body is stuffed with every kind of cheese out there, which is awkward because I love cheese, but only if I can eat it. Not the term that is used to describe "Ugh" scenes in love stories. Okay...Oh, and the writing was creeping me out. It was so immature and childishly written. I could almost see Luce in it. It was horrible.By the way, I noticed Kate's picture again in the back. [image error]This woman seems to know her books are bad to the bone. I mean, does she not know how to smile? For God's sake! She looks like she needs a big hug. But not from me. Never. I just might squeeze her to death. Lauren Kate. Don't listen to me. I'm just a silly teenage girl who clearly doesn't have any idea what a good book is, right? Just don't listen to me. BUT LISTEN TO HIM! PALEEZE.BADLY.Now be gone.

  • Elena Salvatore
    2019-06-20 00:38

    This is a novella you can just skip. It doesn't add anything important to the main books other than the details of how Ariane came to her scars. There are only 4 little love stories.If you wish to read this novella on your own, without knowing anything about it... stop here.Do not push the View Spoiler button. (view spoiler)[1) The first starts with Miles and Shelby.They just left Daniel back in time, where they saw Cam's heart beeing brocken and why he turned to dark side, but instead of just returning home to their normal time.... they find themselfs in yet another past.In this one Lucindais already in love with Daniel but doesn't think that anything can happen between them because she is just a poor girl and he literally is a Knight in shining armor.(side note: I just love Danny! He is the best.)Aaaaaaaanyway.... What was I saying...?Oh right!They make a plan to help Lucinda get her Daniel and in the meantime fall in love with eachother.(Kinda out of the blue if you ask me but whatever....)2)Meanwhile Roland from their time has also landed on the same timeline as the other two and decide to help them with making sure Daniel will go to the Valentine festival that is going on.However he get's sidetracked when he remembers that this is the place where five years ago he met his one true and only love.He takes a trip down on memory lane and goes to her home and starts reminiscing about their past and the way he had to break her heart because he wouldn't be able to tell her the truth about his identity.He then finds out that she's gotten married and is expecting her second child.Heart aching, he runs into Ariane who just made sure that Daniel will be present at the festival.3) Ariane's love story.Ok, truth be told this story and only this story, is worth reading the book.A long time ago... Ariane was hiding on a dark cloud with Annabelle and Gabbe, when a beautiful Angel came into view. She said that her name was Tessriel, that she was their sister and told them that she had a message from Roland.Gabbe got mad at her and sent her away telling her that Roland was with the Devil now and that they didn't want to hear any messages from Hell.But Ariane was mesmerized by the Angel's beauty.With a sad look towards Ariane, Tess flew away.Years later while Ariane was walking alone by a lakeside, she saw the beautiful Angel again.This time before she could say anything, Tess kissed her telling her that she promised herself that if they ever met again, she would kiss her.Thus began their relationship.Hundreds of years, since the fall... Ariane picked a side. She went back to the "Throne" and got her "white" Wings back.Tess also had made a choice. She chose the Devil's side and her Wings turned to gold.When each of them so the others Wings, they were shocked. Neither had told the other one of their plans of chosing.The only thing they could do was break up.More years later, Roland brought them back together and since that time they were into hiding from the other Angels since their love was forbidden.When Tess had enough of hiding around, she pleaded Ariane to join her on the Devil's side so they could be together but Ariane refused.In her heartbreak Tess mutilated herself with a starshot in hopes of killing herself.Ariane found her bleeding and tried to stop her. They fought for the starshot and Ariane got some of Tesses blood on her. Mixed with her own blood, she got huge scars that will never heal.When she realized that there wasn't anything that she could do, she flew away, promising Tess that she would send help.(We don't really get to know what happened to Tess then but it is safe to assume that she died.)4) Lastly we have another Lucinda and Daniel, past story.They meet.... they know the drill. (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Donna {Book Passion for Life}
    2019-06-04 02:52

    Fallen in Love is a novel which tells the tales of Miles, Shelby, Roland, Arriane, Luce and Daniel finding love on Valentine’s Day in Medieval England. With four different stories and each one completely different from the other, it was nice to see them all come together at the end to help Daniel and Luce have their perfect Valentine’s day. I did enjoy the single stories, some more than others but I don’t think it’s something you have to read in order to continue with the series. So read it or don’t read it….it’s your choice but I’m glad I did and here are my thoughts.Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles.I’ll be honest Shelby and Miles have never really been my favourite characters because I always felt they were quiet bland and were just put into the story to fill the pages. But after reading their story, I do feel more connected to them than before. Did I feel their story was necessary to the series? Not really. With or without it, it doesn’t make much of a difference but I guess it was nice to see them both falling love with each other. What I did enjoy was that they were as loyal to Luce as ever during this story and a girl always needs friends like them around.Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland.Roland’s story actually surprised me. Talk about HEART-BREAKING! Poor Roland. He tries to come to terms with the fact that he's fallen in love with a mortal girl and knowing that they don’t have a future together. So, he does the only thing he can think of that will be for the best; he leaves but he does try to return a few years later only to see the girl happily married to someone else. The sacrifice Roland makes to keep this girl happy is unbelievable and it made me fall in love with him. What I really enjoyed about this story was getting that extra insight on Roland as a character because you don’t see that in the series and mainly how deeply he cares for Arriane whose friendship means more to him than anything.Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane.I’ve always been a fan of Arriane, I really like her and her character is so unpredictable. Well, let me tell you this story definitely is unpredictable. Like all the others it’s Arriane’s love story but you would think it would be with a guy? WRONG! It’s with a girl named Tess and Lauren Kate definitely pulled out all the stops with this story. I think I enjoyed this story the most because it was fantastic to see Arriane in a different light but her story sure was heart-breaking. Falling in love with a girl that follows Lucifer is bad enough but when the girl asks you to changes sides for her is even worse. Good thing Arriane knows she belongs on the good side of the fight but it means her relationship with Tess is doomed and they don’t have future together. It’s a sad story but still good but I’d recommend you have a tissue ready.Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and Lucinda.This was the story I was looking forward to most of all because it’s more time with Daniel and Luce, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I would of thought. Luce goes into Lucinda’s body so she can spend one Valentine’s Day with Daniel but she doesn’t really get to spend that much time with him. You read about her speaking with Bill, you read about her getting ready and all the while I was screaming for Daniel to come into the story. However, when he does it’s just like old times and it reminded me why I enjoy this series so much but it was just kind of the same old – the same information we’ve read previously about their relationships, except they do kind of get a happy ending on that one day. Overall it wasn’t really anything new and it’s not really necessary to the actual story but overall enjoyable. Sneak peek into Rapture; Yes, there’s a sneak peek into Rapture at the end of this book but I didn’t read it. I’m crazy, lol….I’m dying to know what happens next but I didn’t want to start the story and not be able to finish it off because I’d have to wait another 5 months……that’s torture. So I’m going to bare with it and wait until June.Thank you to the publishers for providing me with a copy for review.

  • Malissa
    2019-06-21 05:37

    There isn't much to say, except I thought it was lovely and I can't wait for Rapture. Especially after reading the excerpt...and I have to say..Oh Cam, I adore you...This HAS to be one of the best quotes ever!!!!"Yeah about that, How is it Possible?" Shelby said. "You'd think that kind of thing would leave an impression on the old memorizer.""Cam's face reddened." ""You try falling for nine days through multiple dimensions and trillions of miles, landing on your face, breaking your wings, rolling around concussed for who knows how long, wandering the desert for decades looking for any clue as to who or what or where you are - and then talk to me about the old memorizer." I had to laugh out loud!

  • Kirsten
    2019-06-01 02:01

    Read this... woooow SPOILERS:I gave this piece of shit "book" five stars because of Arrianes story. She should have just wrote a really long even more interesting version of that and called it Arrianes story and this would be awesome. So all of you curious little love birds that like to read spoilers like me.. i give you a rap of each one.YAY REAL REVIEW TIME!Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and Miles:this story blew my mind. no actually it made me want to blow up my mind it was so mindless and boring. So while sweet miles and bitchy Shelby are off looking for Luce they get lost in a little town where its almost valentines day and they fall in love. woo hoo. not. they have no sparks.. the love Kate forced on them is so unnatural.. i thought miles was all uber obsessed with Luce and now all of the sudden he and Shelby are doing it next to a medevil Calderon while Roland rides up on his white horse all golden dreadlocks and pissy. And whats with every single character being white, skinny, and american. sure we got one black guy and some half mutilated gargoyle devil... still Love Lessons: The Valentine of Roland:this story was okay.. apparently Roland loved some rich white girl in old times where black dudes are today's ghetto white trash. anyway they had planned to run away together (how sweet) but while she was miss rich white girl, she was also a HUMAN rich white girl. Roland says to cam he could change with her, but Rosaline (white girl) doesn't know about his demoness, so Roland does the noble (kiss my ass, nobleness) and breaks her poor rich girl heart by leaving her to live a normal demon free life. well Roland comes back from present day to get her back to find she moved on and has a family (hubby and kids) and just as poor white girl is going to loose her other lovely love (white version) to battle; Roland comes and makes it so white lover boy can stay with his family. how nice of Roland. (no offense intened with the whole "white girl" thang :))Burning Love: The Valentine of Arriane:Awww this story was amazing. And here is what happened in my biased opinion of these tragic love stories for all of you who just want to read Arrianes story! so it all starts off with Arriane and Tess (yeas Arrianes long lost amazing love is a GIRL which makes it so much more beautiful in my opinion)hanging out in a meadow thing braiding hair and telling stories. Then they begin to fight [:'(] because you see, Tess is a demon, a very powerful demon who is very close to Lucifer. And as we all know sweet, but crazy little Arriane is not. They fight about the fact that Tess has to go back to the devils side and she wants Arriane to come with her. They start to physically fight and when Arriane leaves after saying goodbye, she senses something wrong and she goes to back to find that poor love struck Tess has tried to rip off her wings with (i think) a star shot (not sure). And apparently angel blood is like acid to another (not entirely sure if its for angel/ demon blood or just all angels in general) and Tess in bleeding, Arriane is bleeding from fighting with Tess and when Arriane trys to help Tess she gets burned.. that's how she got her scars. Since shes so weak she has to leave Tess and send someone to help. that's really the end. Its so tragic and sad and beautiful and I LOVED IT!! Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and LucindaAnd finally.. this is practically just Luce and a old version of Daniel making out in a forest. that's all that really happens! WAIT.. she dances with Cam and he says some MYSTERIOUS things. wtf else is new. and this is supposedly the only valentine Daniel and Luce will share. And you get a sneak peak of RAPTURE. I really hope Kate will give us all the fucking answers finally.

  • Mary ♥
    2019-06-21 01:52

    4 starsMiles and Shelby: 4/5 starsI really liked the story but it was not like...something to wow me, it was quick and funny.Roland: 5/5 starsRoland is my fave<3 I never expected him to have such a story. It was really painful and proved that he is not heartlessArianne: 5/5 starsEven more heartbreaking. OH MY GOD. Arianne's story was my favorite because it was so cute and sad and a million other thingsLuce: 3/5 starsThis one wasn't the best. To be honest, I loved how cute it was but not much happened, it was all flowers and love. I wanted SOMETHING to happen!!I am almost finished with Fallen too, the series is really good<3<3<3

  • Hannah
    2019-06-23 06:37

    I gave this a poor rating due to the fact that two of the stories had terrible endings. I like the characters in the book but when you don't give happy endings in love stories you make me mad. I get that real life isn't always happy but this is books. Authors should just know that more times than not the person reading it wants a happy ending.

  • Siobhan Davis
    2019-06-08 01:37

    This was an enjoyable enough read but it does nothing to move the plot along with the series and appears to be a pure filler to fill the gap until the final book was released. I read it primarily for Daniel and Luce's story but it fell short of the mark for me, could have been more romantic.

  • Gabrielle Denetsosie
    2019-06-25 03:56


  • Heather-Jane
    2019-06-17 06:47

    A-MA-ZING!*Spoilers from now on!!*'Love where you least expect it' (The valentine of Miles and Shelby) :This story follows Miles and Shelby as they step out of an announcer and into Medieval times, or more specifically, into the middle of a Valentine's faire!I really enjoyed this as it gave more depth into the two's relationship and saw it develop more without any distractions/life-changing missions.'Love Lessons'(The valentine of Roland)This one was heart-felt and beautifully written as it also gave more depth into Roland. The story follows how he remembers the one mortal girl he ever loved, Rosaline. He too is also in the same time as the Medieval Valentine's fair and briefly bumps into Miles and Shelby. I personally LOVED how all the stories flowed into one another easily and without confusion.The valentine of Roland was one of the sad stories though and teaches him a lesson of losing love. It ends with him seeing Rosaline after 5 years but he does not show himself as she is happily married and with a child.He fights with her husband as he is a knight and her husband was leaving Rosaline to fight in the crusades. Roland wins the fight and tells him to go home and be with his family whilst he will take him place as a knight. It was such a sweet action and i admit, I almost cried.'Burning Love'(The valentine of Arianne)Okay so this one was also quite sad and emotional and like I said before, it was nice to read from the charcter's perspective and give an insight as to how they act/feel.The story follows Arianne (also near the faire) and how her love, Tess, who sided with Lucifer and is a demon. The story follows how Tess wants her to join her and Lucifer so they can tell everyone about their love and won't have to hide anymore. Arianne, however, does not want to side with him and does not want to become someone else just for love.This story also almost made me cry as Arianne leaves Tess near the end but then returns when she gets a feeling Tess is in trouble, or injured. As it turns outl Tess, broken-hearted from loosing Arianne, had self-inflicted almost fatal injuries to her wings using a starshot (the only weapon that can kill/hurt an angel or demon) and is bleeding severely. Arriane tries to help her but Tess's blood touches hers accidently and burns Arriane's body badly, hence the name of the title.Definately one of the more rememberable stories.'Endless Love'(The valentine of Daniel and Luce)Finally, we reach the valentine faire and we get to see Luce go '3D' into her past self (go into her body) for the faire. This Lucinda is heartbroken as Daniel, a knight, has not appeared at the faire. Luce, whilst looking for Daniel, bumps into Cam whilst dancing. Although this is the medieval Cam so she cannot share her problems with him.Eventunally, Daniel turns up and the two go off and share treasured time in the forrest together.My favourite part was the epilogue as the musicians who had been playing at the faire, lifted their masks at the end of the day and were revealed to be Roland, Arriane, Miles and Shelby! It was just a surprise to me and I thought it made a nice ending that they had been watching over Daniel and Luce.Overall, I lovedallthe stories!I recomend this as a quick read and any fan (like me) who is waiting VERY impatiently for the final 'Fallen' book to be released!!

  • Ninoska Goris
    2019-06-22 01:32

    "...cada alma debía estar satisfecha consigo misma antes de lanzarse al amor, porque uno nunca sabía cuando desaparecería la otra parte. Era la mayor de las paradojas: las almas se necesitan, pero también necesitaban no necesitarse."Este libro está totalmente de mas. Creo que solo lo escribieron para no dejar a Miles y Shelby sin parejas, pero quedó forzado. Que posibilidad hay de que ángeles y humanos tengan experiencias románticas al mismo tiempo en una era lejana? Yo digo que cero.

  • Azbaqiyah
    2019-06-15 03:32

    I really love Miles and Shelby parts. They are the cutest and the sweetest story in this book!(*´▽`*)

  • Amy Lignor
    2019-06-15 04:37

    True Love Never Says Goodbye… Except for the reader, who reads these books with such intensity and passion that they almost want to strangle the publisher for having the nerve to offer an excerpt to the final Fallen book that they won’t be able to get their hands on for a few more months. The Fallen series has become one of the largest and most well-known when it comes to the “winged ones” of the world, and Lauren Kate has managed to captivate and enchant all of her fans. Having this new novel that offers four separate stories about our beloved favorite characters - just in time to make a very nice Valentine’s Day gift, by the way - is lovely. And the excerpt from Rapture - the fourth and final installment? Mouthwatering.As everyone knows who reads Ms. Kate, her characters have been through many lifetimes. There are present and past Daniel’s and Lucinda’s wandering the Earth in their own time periods, living out the inevitable moment where Luce will once again die the death of a passionate love that’s simply never going to be possible.The first story is all about one of my favorite duos - Shelby and Miles. Stepping out of their Announcer, they find themselves in medieval times where all Shelby wants to do is give Daniel and Luce just one day - one Valentine’s Day where they can be together, seeing as that for the rest of their lives it will never happen again. But what comes through is the sweetness and humor between the two characters as early signs of a relationship appear on the horizon. We then head into Roland’s word - the tough, the steel-spine, the man who is following Daniel in order to make sure the boy does NOT screw up in this lifetime. Roland’s not nearly as worried about Luce, seeing as that she seems to understand far more than the angel she’s in love with. This story, however, turns away from the path of the ‘Romeo & Juliet’ couple, and offers fans a whole new look at the ‘Redemption of Roland.’Arriane and Tess, a relationship that tugs at the heartstrings, comes next. If not for a simple miscommunication, perhaps things could’ve been different. But a story where one will sacrifice for the other - no matter what the pain or agony is for punishment - is a true gift.And, of course, Daniel and Luce appear in story four to offer their fans a look at yet another ‘day in the life of.’ But this time, a day that meant beauty and joy on the one day devoted to love.Bad part of the book? The excerpt. No, before everyone goes getting all beside themselves in anger - I mean the fact that Rapture already sounds magnificent; a fulfilling ending to a stunning ‘out-of-the-box’ series…yet it’s not OUT YET! I know, I know, patience is a virtue. However, I’m more of a Cam, myself. Patience is one virtue I simply can’t get a handle on, no matter how many lives I live.Until Next Time, Everybody.Amy

  • Ylenia
    2019-06-24 03:54

    *3.5 stars*Perché quasi quattro stelle se l'intera serie mi ha fatto quasi pena? Perché questa raccolta di brevi storie é forse meglio dei primi tre libri tutti insieme.Tralasciando lo stile di LK che non mi ha mai fatta impazzire l'idea che sta alla base delle prime tre novelle/racconti brevi é buona. La mia preferita é quella di Arianne mentre, nemmeno a farlo apposta, quella di Lucinda e Daniel l'ho trovata banalissima. Come se fosse sempre la stessa cosa ripetuta all'infinito.

  • Leesya Nazman
    2019-06-09 03:54

    FEELS, FEELS ARE SCATTERING EVERYWHERE."And in that moment under the stars, a simple understanding passed among the four. Sometimes love needed a lift from its guardian angels, to get its feet off the ground. But once it made its first early beats toward flight, it had to be trusted to take wing on its own and soar past the highest conceivable heights, into the heavens,and beyond."

  • Taneika
    2019-06-19 23:40

    More of my reviews can be found at Flipping Through the Pages!*drools over cover*I've done a mini review for each story :)Love Where You Least Expect It: The Valentine of Shelby and MilesRating: 1 starAlrighty, first things first, I don't care about Shelby and Miles at all. Throughout the series so far, I think their both rather flat and boring. Miles sounds like every other guy with no personality and Shelby sounds like every other chick with no personality. I don't think I have to explain these stories to you - they're pretty straightforward Valentine Day stories... I was hoping that this short story would make me care about Shelby and Miles more, but unfortunately it didn't. I felt like I was reading from Luce and Daniel's perspective again and so far, the two still haven't stood apart from any of the other characters. I felt it could've had the potential as it's stated that Miles is protective about his hat and Shleby wonders whether there is any sentimental meaning behind it - this doesn't get expanded on, and I feel it would have shaped Miles' character a lot more.As for the writing so far - it's still pretty satisfactory. "Lucinda hadn't even noticed - that was how lost in sadness she was""One of his long golden-black dreadlocks came loose from its elastic and tumbled from the recesses of his helmet"That first example is a perfect case of telling rather than showing. There wasn't any need for the "lost in sadness" part, the reader gets it - she didn't notice something she should have, so she's clearly out of it, or sad (which had been mentioned multiple times beforehand). As for the second example, I don't even understand that :|. I read that and had to do a double-take. If anyone can tell me how you have golden-black dreadlocks, feel free :)I must admit, one part did make me laugh - there is a cute part where Shelby goes to swap something and in order to get the item, she says that it's a mark of the devil and gets really theatrical about it. That made me laugh!!Overall, I was unimpressed, I didn't see a build in character or personality for either and would've liked to see that *something* that seperates them from the others in the Fallen series.Love Lessons: The Valentine of RolandRating: 2 starsOkay, I guess I sort of felt for Roland more, and I definitely enjoyed his story more than Shelby and Miles'. I don't have a hell of a lot to say about Roland's story because whilst I was more interested in it than the former, the writing still wasn't that great and the story was only marginally better! HOWEVER, Roland's story helped clear up a plot hole-y type thing I picked up on in Passion. When Luce gives Daniel tattoos, why does he not have them in every other life? Turns out that angels can change their looks as they please and Daniel does it pretty much every lifetime (this may have been mentioned in Fallen or Torment but I can't remember), so yeah. I was happy about that.Then there's the cheesy love references..."At first, he was cautious in his ascent, but even in the creaky metal armor, he soon felt nimble again with light memories of love" AWWWW.And we learn more about Cam, sort of. Kinda. Which was cool :)Yeah. That's about all I have to say about this one :|Burning Love: The Valentine of ArrianeRating: 4 starsNOW THIS ONE WAS COOL. Firstly Arriane's true love was a woman. A woman. I couldn't get over it. I initially thought that I read it wrong and they were just friends, but it seems I've underestimated Lauren Kate and she actually had the guts to write a gay character. I am so impressed! But you know what the saddest thing is? That I automatically assumed I read it wrong. We don't see enough gay characters in YA. Off the top of my head, I can think of Lola's parents (Dads) from Lola and the Boy Next Door, and now Arriane. And YA is my preference of genre! I thought Kate did Arriane's love story really well and I loved that this story had so much more happen than the others, there was actual drama, action and hurt. As the story develops, I was *this* close to shedding a tear for Arriane because I felt so sorry for her. As for the writing in this story, I thought it was definitely an improvement in comparison to the others (apart from the typos I found) and I was pleased to see another confirmation of how angel's bodies function. "Except for their wing scars, every other ink mark or wound or scar in time would fade away"Overall, I loved Arriane's story and I would have been extremely happy if this book just focused on her experiences.Endless Love: The Valentine of Daniel and LucindaRating: 2 starsThis is 2 stars because I enjoy their story in general. But this was nothing new. It was the usual "I love Daniel", "If only Daniel were here..." "He had blonde hair (blah blah blah), but *insert long dramatic pause* he wasn't Daniel. *insert so called cliffhanger*.Yeah.OverallI loved learning Arriane's background and Roland's background (but mostly Arriane's!) and it was a nice, easy read. However, I really wish I actually cared about Shelby and Miles, and I'm really hoping to see more of them in Rapture. And the excerpt of Rapture was actually pretty interesting so I can say I'm somewhat looking forward to the last installment (AND GOD. I WANT TO KNOW WHY the curse has affected them, WHAT is so great about Luce? WHY does Lucifer wanna go all psycho and stuff-apart from the fact he is Lucifer and wants to destroy the world etc etc). Whilst I received this from NetGalley, this has in no way affected my review

  • Ana M. Román
    2019-06-01 06:32

    Perdida de tiempo total. Si me hubiera dedicado a intentar desentrañar los misterios de un universo paralelo lo habría empleado mejor.Además, la autora cae en incongruencias con su propia historia. ¿Qué posibilidad hay de que Bill, siendo quien resulta ser, deje que Luce y Daniel pasen un San Valentin juntos? El único que pasan juntos para más inri.Lo unico pasable es saber como se originaron las cicatrices de Arriane pero ni siquiera eso justifica este libro.Por no decir, que el que tantos personajes pasen un San Valentine con esa persona que es especial para ellos es mucha casualidad. Especialmente cuando varios de ellos tienen miles de años para encontrar a esa persona.

  • Andrea
    2019-06-21 23:54

    Honestly I would've rated this higher if it weren't for Daniel and Luce at the end. They just annoy me so much!!! All the other stories I liked.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-29 22:50

    When Fallen debuted in December 2009, I fell in love with it. It was different than a lot of other YA novels out there at the time , which made it pretty refreshing to read. When Lauren Kate came out with the third installment in the Fallen series I was just as excited to read it as I was the other two, but my excitement quickly diminished-it seemed I was no longer interested in Luce and Daniel’s story anymore. I tried and could not finish the third in the series. With Fallen in Love, I thought maybe I would have better luck.All of the short stories in Kate’s new novel are very sweet, there is no denying that. Kate takes you to a different time period and shows you the many types of love with each story, building up to the final Valentine story of Daniel and Lucinda. There is not much to say about each story individually as they are exactly what one can imagine. So, were they terrible to read? Not at all. Was I completely giddy reading them and so excited Kate published another novel? Not really. Publishing another novel revolving around other characters in the series is a good idea, but this one is so-so. The only perk is the sneak peak into her fourth installment, Rapture, which I happen to quite like so far.Why did I bother reading it? Because I want to like this series as a whole. It has elements to it that I adore and I want to recommend the series to those who share the same infatuations as I do (fallen angels-what’s not to love?) I look forward to reading the fourth and final book (out June 2012) just to see how it will all end.Overall: Debatable. Those who still love everything about the Fallen series will enjoy this compilation of short stories. They are sweet, they delve into the lives of other characters, and you get the sneak peak into Rapture. However, those that feel they may be in the same boat as myself will be left wanting more of the Lauren Kate that first started the Fallen series. So, here’s hoping the fourth book is a strong one…come on Lauren, you can do it! Visit for more reviews and bookish things!

  • Meli
    2019-06-04 05:45

    La eternidad y un día es un spin-off de la saga Oscuros, que narra el único San Valentín que Luce y Daniel van a pasar juntos.A pesar de que no leí la saga, me largué a leerlo porque tenía entendido que era una especie de antología de cuentos románticos. Bien, no. Es una novela corta, que si bien tiene conexión con la trama de la saga, no acontecen cosas que alteren los hechos, que tengan relevancia en la historia principal.Se puede leer tranquilamente sin haber leído previamente los tres primeros libros de Oscuros (este sería algo así como el 3.5), porque -a pesar de que la autora da por sentado que ya estamos introducidos en su mundo- es muy sencillo comprender cómo son las cosas, cómo funcionan, incluso los personajes son descritos físicamente y se entiende de una, a pesar que nadie lo explica, la maldición que se irgue sobre Luce. Probablemente, me haya perdido de pequeños detalles ya que ignoró qué pasa en los libros anteriores, pero eso no evitó que disfrutara el libro.Y a pesar de que no lo creí posible, porque soy anti-historias rosas y llevo posponiendo la lectura de Oscuros desde hace años, creyendo que era una de esas que chorrean miel (Vamos, la premisa de una chica que no deja de morirse -literalmente- de amor en cada vida, nos lleva a pensar en cosas melosas, ¿o no?), disfruté del libro y de las pequeñas historias de amor que nos cuenta.No fue lo que pensaba. Nada de historias melosas, nada de adornos y cursilerias. Amor del más puro y tangible: el simple.Lee la reseña entera:

  • Tanja (Tanychy) St. Delphi
    2019-05-26 06:57

    I have no clue how to rate this half-books! Seriously this is published as a book, oh Dear Lord! I'll just say it surely isn't as good as first two (unfortunately) but it's a bit (but really little) better than third one (it's shorter thought)! I wanted to jump out of my skin when I read "announcer", oh yes I still have nightmares after Passion. Luckily it's only mentioned few times, so I survived. Basically here you have stories about Valentine's Day (now how sweet is that?). It's good because you find out something more about characters and also remember them. Yes that's problem with those books I don't have enough memory to remember who is related to who and everything, but that's my mistake. I got to say that the most interesting story was about Arriane (so you pay attention). Maybe I sound too negative but really I'm not a heater and God knows how much I want to feel same joy that I felt within reading Fallen and Torment, but the magic is not here. I don't know why and how it disappeared but I want it back badly. I still have hope that Rapture will surprise me (please, please, please...).

  • Rebecca Jane
    2019-06-17 02:58

    I don't know if it was this book or just the sudden urge to read but I read this book really quickly. Shelby and Miles' story was pretty cute, although I thought the end was a bit mushy. Roland's story was sad and had a bittersweet ending but I enjoyed reading his story. Arriane's story was quite sad and the most surprising, although I don't know why.And then we come to Luce and Daniel...Honestly it was pretty good but I couldn't help but feel like it wasn't needed, despite it making all the other stories fit together. It was like reading the series and for some reason I felt like it through it off balance. All in all it was a quick and easy read and if you love the series then you'll enjoy this book.

  • Dana Al-Basha دانة الباشا
    2019-06-19 05:47

    To me, this book felt unnecessary... I don't know, I had this feeling in Fallen of Gothic beauty and mystery of angels, but the series has lost this depth by each book. I hope the ending (the last installment) redeems the series.

  • Louisa
    2019-06-22 02:41

    So very fantastic, loved these stories of love, whether is's starting, ending, hard times or easy times, and now to read Rapture!*First read July 8th 2012*Lots of great short stories of romance, some sad, some not, but all of them great, and the excerpt from Rapture was amazing! Can't wait for my library copy of it to come in!

  • !Aria!
    2019-06-05 06:59

    This little story was cute, but kind of unnecessary. I loved shelby and miles' story and the other stories were okay. Overall I found that shelby and miles' story could've just been added into book 3 or 4 somewhere or not mentioned at all. The book was a simple and quick read, so it was okay to read for fun.