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Don't miss any of the explosive action in the thrilling Kane Chronicles Trilogy, collected in one digital edition for the first time. The Kane Chronicles: The Complete Series includes all three novels in the bestselling, electrifying adventure series: The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The Serpent's Shadow. 'I guess it started the night our dad blew up The BritishDon't miss any of the explosive action in the thrilling Kane Chronicles Trilogy, collected in one digital edition for the first time.The Kane Chronicles: The Complete Series includes all three novels in the bestselling, electrifying adventure series: The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The Serpent's Shadow. 'I guess it started the night our dad blew up The British Museum...'Carter and Sadie's dad is a brilliant Egyptologist with a secret plan that goes horribly wrong. They must embark on a terrifying quest from Cairo and Paris to the American South-west, and discover their family's connection to the House of Life.The pharaohs of Ancient Egypt are far from dead and buried. And so, unfortunately, are their gods . . .With all the action, humour and excitement you'd expect from Rick Riordan, author of the bestselling Percy Jackson series.Rick Riordan is an award-winning writer. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief was the overall winner of the Red House Children's Book Award in 2006, and made into a blockbuster film in 2010. The series has gone on to become a chart-topping success....

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the kane chronicles the complete series Reviews

  • Shannon Rodewald
    2019-04-30 04:30

    His mix of mythology and modern life makes you feel like you could go out and find the magic.

  • Nor Fasihah
    2019-05-09 02:15

    Rick!!!!!!! i am so....argh!btw, my review will contain spoilers. i u hadn't read the book yet, please do not proceed. for i know what the spoilers feel like.. and i don't want anybody cursing me for that..i don't know exactly me feelings right now.. hard to say that i was surprised when walt and anubis merged as a single person... but still, they completed each other.. and it makes sadie so happy.. i don't know whether i like sadie or not.. but i surely like carter.. not as much as percy of course or any other character from percy jackson series.. LOL. i'm sorry i didn't make any sense.. but, i am almost hundred percent sure that carter and sadie, hopefully with zia and walt and all brooklyn's nome, will come to percy's aid in the last series of heroes of olympus.. rick make it clear in the short story son of sobek that one day, percy will need carter's help.. wawawa! i can't wait the blood of olympus.. ok, maybe not.. rick is full of surprised.. conclusion, the kane's chronicle are good books.( well, it was written by rick riordan. what do u expect? ) even though i am not interested in egyption god as much as i love greek's god, it is acceptable.. i cannot clearly imagine the house of life or hall of gods or duat.. it was confusing. but, rick will guide u well.. i am so loss of words right now.. i think i need to dwell on kane's chronicle a few days before starting to read another series..

  • Madi
    2019-05-02 05:25

    See my reviews for The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, and The Serpent's Shadow. :)

  • Benhardi Dicka
    2019-04-24 02:30

    In this series, Riordan tells the story of Egypt myth. From this series I got many sources of knowledge about Ancient Egypt mythology such as their civilization, magic, symbols, hieroglyphs (Egypt writing system), and statues. Reading Riordan’s books feel like go back to the ancient history in the myth world. I never get bored with his writing though. Meeting with gods, do the quest, battle with ancient monsters and saving the world. The Kane chronicles is one of the series I found interesting in many Riordan’s book series. It is different from Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus and Magnus Chase. It is different because this story is focus on the magician, using spells and avatar to battle with the enemies and the plot is quite different from the previous series although there is a slight similarity. The Kane Chronicles in the first book: The Red Pyramid introduces two sibling who named Carter Kane and Sadie Kane. Carter is a boy who always listen to his father, always follow the order while his sister is rebel, sarcastic and in some ways, annoying. Since the death of their mother, they lived separately. Carter follows his father, Dr. Julius Kane to travel around the world and homeschooled by his father while his sister Sadie, lives in London and together with Gramps and Gran and live a normal life. Sadie and Carter rarely meet each other. And one day, Dr. Julies Kane decided to go back to London to meet his daughter, Sadie and also for important business at the museum. Dr. Julius Kane works as an archeologist. When in the museum, Dr. Julius Kane tried to summon Gods of Egypt using the Rosetta stone but it did not work out because one of the freed gods, Set, God of evil put him in the sarcophagus. The Journey and Kane siblings started. In the first book, Carter and Sadie journey to find Set and save their father. They are accompanied by cat goddess, Bast and their uncle, Amos. Sadie and Carter have blood of Pharaoh and make them the strongest magician at the time. Carter also hosting Horus, God of War and his sister, Sadie hosting Isis, Goddess of Magic. Hosting with Gods can make them stronger but also can burn them up if they cannot control the power. In the end of the first book, the siblings successfully defeat Set by using his secret name and banished him in Duat, the magical realm that coexisted with mortal world but Sadie realized that Set is not their biggest threat. The biggest threat is God of Chaos, Apophis.The second book: The Throne of Fire opens with Sadie, Carter and their young initiates, Waltz and Jaz went to the Brooklyn museum to find the section of Book of Ra in order to revive Ra because the siblings realized that to defeat Apophis, the serpent and also God of Chaos, they need Ra, God of the Sun and king of gods in their side. By this time, Sadie and Carter already make Brooklyn house as their headquarters to train the young magicians who flow blood of Pharaoh in their veins. In the end of the story, the siblings successfully revive Ra but it is not like what they expected. Ra become old, weak, senile and powerless and Doomsday is getting near. The third book: The Serpent’s Shadow opens with the siblings and their young initiates, Walt, Alyssa and Felix and their baboon, Khufu went to Dallas Museum to protect the book of Setne which contains the spell to execrate the serpent, Apophis. But they failed and Apophis successfully burned the book. The siblings realized that the only way to defeat Apophis is to capture his shadow. This is a dangerous risk that the siblings have to take. There is no other choice. The only way to know the whereabouts of the shadow is to cooperate with the psychotic murderous villain magician, Setne. At first their father disagree with the siblings decision (Now Dr. Julius Kane hosting the God of Underworld, Osiris) because Setne is too dangerous and cannot be trusted but the siblings explained that there is no other way except to accept Setne’s help. So Carter, Zia (the magician girl whom Carter falls in love with) and Setne went to the secret place where Setne hide his precious book while Sadie and Waltz went to get Bes’s (God of dwarf) shadow. Carter and Zia successfully get the Serpent’s shadow at the Land of Demon but Setne betrayed them. Setne wants to control the serpent so that he can destroy the world as he wants. Thankfully, Sadie came in time to save Carter and Zia. Setne successfully escape from Land of Demon. The old god from Night of Rest and Bes come to Carter and Sadie’s aid when the siblings almost cornered by thousands of demon. Bes took them to the mortal world, Egypt. The situation in the mortal world is in chaos. The rebel magicians wants to destroy the First Nome and Amos, the siblings’ uncle tried to defend it and Apophis is rising. Finally, Carter convinced the magicians and the gods to work together if they want to destroy Apophis for good. Gods and magicians fight together side by side. Even though gods and magicians join forces and Ra has back to his old self, Apophis still cannot be defeated easily. In their despair, the siblings used their last energy to execrate the serpent to the figurine that contain the serpent’s shadow and they managed to banish the serpent.Overall, this series is really good, full of humor I find amusing and the action is not boring. There is also love triangle in this story between Sadie, Waltz and Anubis (God of Death and Funeral). Even though in the middle of the final book, it turns out that Waltz hosting Anubis. In the end, Waltz and Anubis shared one body so Sadie does not confused anymore to choose which guy she wants to date because she love both of them. Carter and Zia are also dating. Eventually, the world be at peace.

  • Arch
    2019-04-24 06:18

    This series was good, but I felt as the series progressed it sort of lost itself. I'll explain what I mean by this, by briefly giving a review of each book.The Red Pyramid:The first, and strongest, book in this series, it delightfully introduces us to a new world with a cast of diverse and interesting character, really, what could go wrong? It had an awesome conclusion and finale. The Throne of Fire:I'm not even sure what went wrong here. The first half was fine, I suppose, with even some good scene (like Sadie's chase scene in London), but towards the end it just got worse and worse. The conclusion just wasn't gripping, and I felt bored. I feel like the series lost itself in trying to stick to the same formula. The Serpent's Shadow:It was better than the Throne of Fire, but not as strong as the Red Pyramid. It was fine I suppose, but the plot itself was hardly memorable, despite a suitably exciting final battle scene. I was disappointed with how this series tapered off, especially after such a promising start, but I feel part of the problem was the author himself. Whereas at the beginning he was excited by a new world, moving on from Percy Jackson, the Heroes of Olympus series then started. It honestly felt like Rick was trying to get this series out of the way- it wasn't commanding his full attention.I mean its no secret Rick is a bigger fan of Percy Jackson's world, maybe because that's where all his fans are. I mean, in Magnus Chase, how many references to PJO and HoO? And how many to the Kane Chronicles?So yeah, a decent start but an unimpressive, even if not bad, ending. Lets hope Magnus Chase, seemingly another trilogy, doesn't suffer the same fate as Trial of Apollo now start as a new five book series...

  • 704 Ben
    2019-05-05 09:35

    so i recently read the (AGAIN)the Kane Chronicles. it's quite a lovely story one reason being the idea "princess gets kiddnapped sir Bollock must save her" so on so forth... I'm quite sick of the idea of that...but forget my ranting it is a great story, theme and so on. its about saving the world with magic and going to different dimensions and all kinds of epic adventuring that would make anyone happy. also it appears to have LOL's in the book witch i admit i did laugh even though most jokes in a book make me just facepalm and say "why in gods name am i reading this book", tell me that happens to you please because it seems to happen to you or else i will just think i'm bloody insane. but thats not really the point now is it. no its not. now what else is there in the book is good charictar design. there are many good things includeing a red kratos..yes a red kratos. not lieing when i say that...well okay hes not called Kratos his name is set but i will call him red kratos anyway because he looks the same way as kratos with red skin. lols. well also it appears that. if you understand. but also they got a dwarf god, a lot of good stuff. also there is a great theme...being the hero's journey. the great hero's journey. over coming obsticals

  • Keepmeon
    2019-05-08 05:23

    Best humour found anywhere on the world. I don't care who you are, READ IT, READ IT, READ IT!!!!!!!

  • Ἀθηνᾶ
    2019-05-07 08:42

    Complessivamente 3,5La piramide rossa 3Il trono di fuoco 3,5L'ombra del serpente 4Che dire? Mi sento abbastanza confusa riguardo a questa lettura. In generale mi è piaciuta, ma per altri versi ho fatto veramente fatica a leggere.La storia è carina, ma diciamo che è un po' una copia di PJ.Molti personaggi mi sono piaciuti. Ad esempio, CarterCarter credo che sia la mia anima gemella. Insicuro, a volte stupido, ma buono e leale. Ma soprattutto resiste all'impulso di uccidere la sorella. Infatti ho odiato Sadie dalla prima all'ultima riga. Molte volte ho sperato che morisse. Arrogante e strafottente come pochi, sempre pronta a infamare il fratello quando la maggior parte delle volte è lei a combinare casini. Poi odio il fatto che tutti siano così riverenti verso di lei mentre non calcolano di striscio il fratello, quando alla fine è lui quello che risolve tutto.Diciamo che se non ci fosse stato il suo personaggio avrei dato una stella in più.Il resto dei personaggi mi sono piaciuti. Ho provato affetto verso Ziah, ma anche gli dei.La scrittura, per quanto mi piaccia Rick, a volte sembra quello di un bambino. Spero in fatti che sia un modo per far entrare nel personaggio, perché altrimenti lascia un po' a desiderare.

  • Catherine
    2019-05-05 09:17

    Well, I must say I was excited to begin this series. I expected so much, given the Egyptian setting and mythology, but the series fell a bit flat. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot of character development even though we were told it was occurring - tell me versus show me. No one ever seemed to be in real danger during the battles, and most of the characters/scenes seemed to float along.Sadie seemed front and center in all three novels, so much so that the series could easily have been called 'The Chronicles of Sadie.' I felt Carter could undeniably have been the stronger character, yet he seemed to bumble through. Carter was a more likable character for me, so it was unfortunate that he doesn’t step up to his potential until the end of 'The Serpent's Shadow.’ In deference to Riordan, I may be missing some key mythological themes, which would explain why Sadie was always saving the day as the magician, yet Carter couldn’t hold his own in much.I did appreciate the Egyptian mythology, which Riordan did well. I liked the characters, the storyline, and the setting, but this series was never taken to the level to which it could have gone. Given my review it may be hard to believe, but I do recommend this read, mostly for the 10-14 age range, with the caveat that the characters are not as complex, the battles not as dramatic, and the overall series not as emotive as PJO and, especially, the middle three books in HoO.

  • Kelli
    2019-05-15 07:25

    I think I need to take a break from Riordan's book for a while because they are starting to all feel the same. Different kids and Gods, but all the same basic story. These Egyptian ones feel cheesier than the Greek/Roman ones and some of the things aren't quite as creative (but maybe that's because of the research he has, not his writing?). And I find it really hard to keep track of all of the names because he uses SO many in the series, many of them similar (again, I realize that is because he is using the names of the gods from the myths but he needs to help us remember who they are a little better). As of right now, I probably wouldn't read this series again because I don't like it as much as the Percy Jackson ones. However, I do like that he has made it like a transcription of a recording and the interaction between the siblings. I don't like that there are so many love stories when they are only like 13 years old.

  • Mkittysamom
    2019-05-10 10:30

    Teens and Egyptian Gods/Goddesses plus magic = MY Dream Series! I've always loved Egyptian Mythology and Rick Riordan is a genius! He has created an fantasy series with all of my favorite elements! Plus Hot Gods.. I had fun reading every page! I love the author's humor...the poo jokes! I can't say enough about The Kane Chronicles! Best Fantasy I have read in a long time and I'm an adult :) This is my indulgence and I hope to re-read it again with my kids!

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-23 09:20

    The Kane Chronicles are three books about the Kane siblings and their connection to the history and deities of Ancient Egypt; we read these as books on CDMy 11 and 9 year old girls loved them, and I did, too! They are exciting, and meticulously researched, and bring what could be dusty history to life in a way that kids and adults can appreciateI cannot recommend them enough, and we are looking forward to author Riordan connecting the Kanes to Percy Jackson and his crew

  • Kalda Orso
    2019-05-15 05:14

    Blood line of the Pharaohs?Egyptian magic, turning picture and words into reality. Take a walk into the daut meet the gods of Egypt. Battle with the forces between Chaos and Ma'at. Will the assistance of Horus the falcon war God and Isis the goddess of magic help save the house of life? Or will Apophis swallow Ra?

  • Matthew Mccarthy
    2019-04-27 10:27

    These books were just.... Just..... How do I say this?....Life changing. I am a diehard Rick Riordan fan and this is easily the best series Rick has written. I love Percy Jackson and all, but the Kane Chronicles just blew me away. I believe they were better than any of the Heroes of Olympus or Percy Jackson and the Olympians books.

  • gay sunflower
    2019-05-16 03:18

    sadie is an innacurate representation of english people bc a) we do not all have cats b) we do not all listen to adele and c) nobody drinks ribena have you had that stuff god its disgustingthis series made me realise, i do not like boys. ew

  • Daniela Racina
    2019-05-01 07:34

    È da 3 stelline e mezzo. Ho adorato lo stile di Riordan in questo libro, la trama e svariati personaggi, ma c'è un ma: Sadie Kane. Mary Sue, stereotipata, infantile, bastian contrario, petulante, viziata, sempre al centro dell'attenzione per nessuna ragione. Ziah, Peach egiziana che ha sempre bisogno di aiuto nonostante (in teoria) sia una maga esperta. Caratterizzazione di Carter che ad una certa viene buttata nel cestino, nonostante avesse l'opportunità di dare una piega interessante alla trama. Vari personaggi male o poco usati. Schema ciclico e ripetitivo. Insomma, una bella saga, ma neanche lontanamente paragonabile alle altre saghe di Riordan. Ed è un peccato, perché il mondo egizio è sempre stato una mia passione.

  • Wulfette Noire
    2019-04-30 06:14

    I love the Egyptian mythology and the idea that the Kane's and the rest of their team are not demi-gods but more of a vessel for the gods and magic users. The thing is, unlike with the Percy Jackson series or the Heroes of Olympus, I could not relate to any of the characters. Sadie is just annoying instead of cheeky, Carter is likeable but was not given enough time to develop. The romances felt pushed too and sometimes even out of place. I read all three, and still didn't feel connected to the characters to the end. The only character I like is actually Set :)

  • Alexander
    2019-04-29 04:40

    Great book. It will pull on your heart string and back again. People who die will come back, people who are sick with be healed by some way. (Hey I will not list all the spoilers) cannot wait to read how the kanes interact with Percy and Annebeth.

  • Amanda Schifino
    2019-05-04 09:14

    Really boring especially compared to his other books. Doesn't develop the characters like he usually does!

  • Alicia Hicks
    2019-05-10 03:42

    Book(s) reviewCreative and fun read! I read through them fairly quickly. Well written and summarized. The characters are very endearing. Enjoy!

  • Advanced Children's and YA Literature
    2019-05-10 07:23

    Multicultural fantasy

  • Ebony Tay
    2019-04-25 02:16

    Rick Riordan is the best author ever

  • Akash Pratap
    2019-04-28 06:27

    It might sound like Percy Jackson but sorry for the disappointment. This series got a whole new narration, and plot. You won't loose any act of surprise.

  • Arabella
    2019-05-17 08:15


  • Cormac
    2019-05-16 04:31

    Magical way of writing the Ancient Egyptian tales

  • Kalico
    2019-05-12 08:26

    A fun take on Egyptian mythology but too much teen angst. *Updating that I've read this twice more to reflect the proper number of books for my reading challenge.

  • Dena
    2019-05-20 04:34


  • astrid
    2019-05-13 02:22

    The Red Pyramid - 5 starsThe Throne of Fire - 4.5 starsThe Serpent's Shadow - 4.5 starsWhat can I say? I'm a sucker for Uncle Ricks books and I'm SO SO SO looking forward to HoO-series!But concerning the Kane chronicles, there isn't much I had to complain about. I adored the main characters. Carter reminded me of Percy - being an awesome, dorky but totally clueless hero. Just my type! Sadie was the best, I loved her wittiness and her strong personality. I also adored all the minor /side characters - except for something I will talk about in a bit. The gods and all the other mythical creatures were amazing! Especially Anubis, Setne, Bast, Bes and Set ( srsly I mostly laughed my ass off whenever Bast was complaining about her disturbed napping routine or whenever Setne or Set opened their mouths). I can't complain about the plot either, because all three books had so much going on, the MCs were always on a mission. It was never boring and - I have to admit - sometimes even exhausting by how Sadie and Carter tumbled from one adventure into the next.I have, however, some complaints or unanswered questions:1) What annoyed me the most - as being a passionate hater of triangles - was the love triangle of (view spoiler)[Sadie, Walt and Anubis (hide spoiler)]. I have to admit I shipped two of them from the very first book, while the third party showed up in book 2 and destroyed all my fantasies. :D I'm not quite mad and I guess it was a special way to solve a love triangle, but yeah... I've never been a fan of, will never be. I had my OTP and it came true, but then it didn't. So that's that. Ugh. We also had a (view spoiler)[insta love (hide spoiler)] situation with the other two dudes (view spoiler)[at least concerning Zia, because there was no onscreen time to see a buildup of emotional affection of her towards Carter (hide spoiler)]. But yeah, since love really wasn't the main focus of this trilogy, it didn't bug me too much.2) I have to admit, throughout the books I recognized, that the age of the MCs is way too low. Not because they ACT like they should at 12 up to 15, but because they DIDN'T. Seriously, sometimes I thought they must be at least 17 for being so wise (especially Sadie was way to mature for her age). And yes I know there are always more grownups at the age of 12 and childish people at the age of 30, but tbh they felt too old for their age and I wouldn't have mind a trilogy about teenagers of 16+.3) Last complaint: Too many great minor characters, too little time. Seriously, there were soo many great characters, with unique likes and oddities, but there was not enough page time to get to know them properly. Imo that stars with characters like (view spoiler)[Amos, Daddie Kane and Mommie Kane (hide spoiler)] and my complaint here especially focuses on the habitants of Brooklyn House. I mean COME ON: we have characters like Felix (my absolute fave, he was adorable with his gang of pinguins.) and I kind of felt connected to the kids, but then I didn't know them properly and they were present in at least 2 books. That's just a missed opportunity for me as a reader, because I was reminded how great the interactions between the Campers in PJO were. In this series there wasn't much time for detailed connections towards side characters. Which was just sad. But only because these characters seemed to be great and I wanted to know them better.All in all (though it's a lot of text) these are only minor complaints. The series is awesome, I learned a lot about Egyptian mythology and I am much more interested in it than I was before. Another great job from a truely godly storyteller.

  • Kate Berry
    2019-04-27 05:13

    The Red PyramidFirst impressions - I'm loving this! I don't know as much about the Egyptian gods as I do the Greek/Roman ones, as we didn't really do much Egyptian mythology in school. I like that this isn't the same as the Percy Jackson books but with Egyptian pieces thrown in, which I had assumed would be the case. Carter and Sadie aren't children of the gods, but hosts, which makes more sense given Egyptian mythology. Not that it wouldn't have been interesting to have Egyptian demigods - I just like that they have their own thing going on. I'm making a prediction right now that it isn't the obviously "evil" Desjardins who will be hosting Set, but their uncle Amos. Firstly, because Desjardins seems like a red herring and secondly because their father is hosting Osiris, who is Set's brother and it just seems like it would work better over all.**Update - I was right about Amos, but wrong in assuming Amos was working with Set. And the whole Zia-is-a-shabti thing I was not at all expecting. I'm not surprised that Carter and Sadie weren't able to save their dad, but at least he and Osiris have merged, so he won't be gone completely. I'm looking forward to seeing where Riordan takes this story.Throne of FireI FINALLY realized why the magicians don't go into Manhattan and what they mean by "it has other problems" ---because Percy Jackson and his crew (and the gods of Olympus) are based there! I totally didn't put that together during the first book**I'm finished with the second book - definitely the middle of a trilogy - it ends with the main problem of this book solved, but lots of other loose threads. I really enjoyed it. I'm liking the new characters, and I'm guessing that somehow Walt and Anubis are going to merge (although the love triangle with Sadie is a little weird...seeing as one of them is a 5000 year old god). The one thing I find the slightest bit...icky, I suppose, is that Sadie is only 13 and she's the center of a love triangle. While I'm reading, I kind of forget that part since she's so mature of a character, but then she'll say something about being thirteen and it jolts me out of the narrative a bit. But I think that's because I'm an adult reading it - when I was thirteen myself, I probably would have enjoyed it. But if she was even just two years older I think I'd feel less iffy about it. Not that it detracts much from my enjoyment of the story. And maybe I'm just being a prude about it.******The Serpent's ShadowI think Zia is a host for Ra!***Okay, I have now FINALLY finished and I really liked the ending. It wraps up a lot of things, but while leaving the characters open to some new adventures. I was right about a lot of things, but I don't think that they were really meant to be all that surprising. Zia being a host for Ra and Walt and Anubis merging seems like it was meant to be fairly obvious to the reader. While I still feel a little iffy about Sadie and Walt/Anubis, she also feels iffy about it, so it makes me feel less so. I wonder if Setne is addressed in the crossover short stories between the Kanes and Percy Jackson and company or if Riordan is planning another Egypt based series. The warning at the end about "other gods" is clearly pointing to either the Greek/Roman pantheon from Percy Jackson or the Norse gods from the new Magnus Chase series, but since I haven't read those yet, I'm not sure which. I am looking forward to continuing to read Riordan's masterpieces.

  • Taylor
    2019-04-25 09:24

    definitely not as good as the greek/roman but it will have to do