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In Lineages and Lies, Jimmy Fox has created an intricate, gripping tour de force of genealogical mystery—a worthy successor to his acclaimed first Nick Herald novel, Deadly Pedigree.Nick Herald doesn’t go looking for trouble. Really. He’s just a struggling, not-so-humble professional genealogist trying to make a decent, mostly honest, living in New Orleans, a city where maIn Lineages and Lies, Jimmy Fox has created an intricate, gripping tour de force of genealogical mystery—a worthy successor to his acclaimed first Nick Herald novel, Deadly Pedigree.Nick Herald doesn’t go looking for trouble. Really. He’s just a struggling, not-so-humble professional genealogist trying to make a decent, mostly honest, living in New Orleans, a city where masquerade is second nature, where for centuries secrets have grown on family trees like rotten fruit. Genealogy should celebrate life, allow us to pay homage to our forebears and their sacrifices. But that’s not how things work in Fox’s fascinating fiction: Nick invariably finds himself mired in murderous perversions of normally quite healthy curiosity about Louisiana family origins. Nick always expects to discover interesting and sometimes disturbing genealogical facts in the complex tapestry of the area’s rich history. Clients usually take the good and the bad in their family trees with good grace. But Nick understands immediately that something more sinister is at work when an old friend and colleague is brutally murdered at a posh French Quarter hotel, and other gruesome murders follow. He vows to lift the veil of deadly mystery surrounding a lineage society whose members trace their ancestry back to a ship that sailed into colonial New Orleans. Is the Society of the Allégorie at the heart of the violence? Who is the killer? One of the many members, someone inside the society’s bureaucracy, a frustrated applicant, or someone closer to Nick than he wants to believe? Working with his spunky, sharp-as-a-tack assistant, Hawty Latimer, and with a New Orleans police detective, Nick calls on his impressive research talent and remarkable investigative intuition to discover the truth that someone is willing to kill to keep hidden. A beautiful woman usually isn’t far from Nick’s thoughts and desires, and here it is an adorable blonde who seems to know more about the Society of the Allégorie than an innocent family-history buff should. Puzzle out the clues of the novel’s nearly three-hundred-year-old mystery with Nick and Hawty, and thrill to the perilous scrapes Nick must extricate himself and his friends from in this suspenseful tale that will keep you guessing, make you laugh or gasp, and kindle your interest in genealogy, long after you’ve finished every scintillating, jewel-like chapter. Fox has again brought us a dramatic, moving, unusual tale that brilliantly showcases his sophisticated take on the amateur-sleuth genre. His trademark sardonic wit, deep knowledge of the genealogical field, and crime-fiction mastery make Lineages and Lies an unforgettably excellent reading adventure!...

Title : Lineages and Lies: A Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery
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ISBN : 9781630035532
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Lineages and Lies: A Nick Herald Genealogical Mystery Reviews

  • Karen Syed
    2019-06-21 02:55

    There was no way I was going to enjoy this book. When I began reading it, all I could focus on were the excessive number of adjectives that jumped off the page at me. I found myself reading them out loud to my husband and laughing. I had almost decided to give up on it after the first chapter. But I read. I read anything, and everything, so I pushed on. I am very glad I did.Jimmy Fox has created a character who is just like you and me. He has issues and he lives on. The genealogy aspect is handled very well and I found the whole premise to be believable and entertaining. A little bit of mystery, a little more mayhem, and people you really like and dislike.The beginning of the book is a tough read, but after a chapter or two, Fox finds his stride and gives readers a book that is quite good. In fact, I ended up enjoying it so much I had to force myself not to dive right into the next book. I have already purchased it, but I try not to read two books by the same author right in a row, Funny how writers never write fast enough for readers.Thank you Jimmy Fox for making me glad I invested the time. Well done.

  • E
    2019-07-13 04:07

    Dr. Jonathan Nicholas Herald, aka Nick, has been wronged by his academic foes leaving his teaching career and reputation in shambles. In order to make a living he now investigates family lineages. He is quite good at what he does. A good friend of his is found dead, an apparent suicide. Nick doesn’t think so and plans to find out why his friend was murdered. As the story progresses there are four other murders. Nick discovers that all the victims have something to do with the Society of the Descendants of the Passengers of the Allégorie. What are they trying to hide? Lineages and Lies is an entertaining mystery set in historic New Orleans. For those of you, like myself, who have dabbled in genealogy, the story provides quite a few good tips on how to go about finding your family roots and just maybe a pirate or too. Enjoy!

  • John Smietana
    2019-07-06 05:13

    Could be possibleReally? Do people actually kill to protect a two hundred year old secret? Enough new Orleans characters to form another MardiGras crew. And nobody finds a parking spot that easily in the guarter!

  • Lori
    2019-07-10 05:06

    Good readKept me interested. Good story line with excellent ending. I would recommend this to all of my friends. Want more like this.

  • Kay
    2019-07-11 01:50

    This is the first book I've read by this author. I almost couldn't get past the beginning it was so chockablock with metaphors and descriptive words which I find cheap and tedious. For instance: "His musing brown eyes now registered the runway of floral arabesque carpet that stretched out grandly before him." It's just too much and I was greatly regretting my purchase. Thankfully, this style ended by about the second chapter. And from there, things greatly improved which is why the book earns 4 stars. As a erstwhile genealogist myself, I am quite taken with the mystery of uncovering ancestors and their stories, and the twists and turns made along the way. The premise of an entire - extremely wealthy - genealogical society that is built around the descendants of the passengers of an early ship named the Allegorie is unique. I also appreciated the lack of brutality and loose language which seems to populate the books of some of the most popular authors. The plot twists and turns as protagonist Nick Herald unravels the mystery of what is true and what is a lie.

  • Charley J
    2019-07-16 06:55

    Interesting book in that it covers New Orleans, various types of history - the colonies, maritime, etc., and the human frailties of pride, money, ethics, murder, and love. Quite a lot to develop in a quick read. So you need to pay attention and keep track of the characters, some of whom are only alluded to in the background. And some lessons on genealogy research along the way, as part of the mystery and it's exposure.

  • Mrs Chris Wilson
    2019-07-14 02:06

    Lots of genealogical research coupled with a good mystery. This is the second book in this series that I've read and the main characters are becoming familiar, yet still interesting. I like the local colour provided in the descriptions of New Orleans, a place I know nothing of, although sometimes details are repeated too many times. I want to read more books in the series, so that's always a good sign!

  • Kate
    2019-07-04 00:51

    Genealogist Nick Herald strikes again in this mystery that involves murder, lineage societies and of course New Orleans. You aren't always who you think you are as he tries to help the New Orleans police solve a series of murders that occur to cover up a centuries old secret about early New Orleans settlers. Great descriptions of New Orleans neighborhoods and geneology methods.

  • Denise
    2019-06-25 03:47

    Another great bookLineages and Lies is another wonderful read. Great return and new characters. Makes a person wonder just how much history has been improperly recorded and passed down. A lot to like in this book. Worth a read and recommendation to others.

  • Dorothy Lamp
    2019-07-13 08:09

    Review Of Lineages and LiesThe book was interesting, but at times I thought it was too descriptive. The many characters were all believable. I would read another of Nick's adventures.

  • Kay Haden
    2019-06-26 03:48

    Good storyEntertaining for genealogy buffs who usually like a good mystery! Nick isn't your average family researcher, however, but he is interesting.

    2019-07-01 06:00

    Totally EnjoyableAnyone who enjoys a good mystery will enjoy this. Fully developed characters and exciting without causing anxiety. Great weekend read.

  • Patty
    2019-07-06 07:15

    Great storyThis book would rate 5 stars if all of the many typo type errors were corrected. Pet peeve of mine - poor proofreading.

  • Carla
    2019-07-17 06:52

    This was a truly wonderful book for an historian. Fabulous insight into the history of New Orleans. Exciting and adventurous genealogical mystery. A must read!