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It was supposed to be a routine mission to collect a pediatrician for the offspring of the emerging cyborg nation. But rogue Cyborgs, Gideon, Jerico, and Gabriel realize fairly quickly that they have a unique opportunity to gain a mate/companion - Bronte. The rub is they weren't programmed for courtship. With no idea of how to woo the object of their desires, they fall bacIt was supposed to be a routine mission to collect a pediatrician for the offspring of the emerging cyborg nation. But rogue Cyborgs, Gideon, Jerico, and Gabriel realize fairly quickly that they have a unique opportunity to gain a mate/companion - Bronte. The rub is they weren't programmed for courtship. With no idea of how to woo the object of their desires, they fall back on the only skills they have to persuade her - their programming as pleasure bots.Rating: Contains graphic sex, graphic language, graphic violence, multiple partner sex....

Title : Cyborg Nation
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ISBN : 9781603940009
Format Type : Paperback
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Cyborg Nation Reviews

  • Julio Genao
    2019-07-13 04:49

    a heroine so actively stupid......her answer to being kidnapped by sex-god cyborgs is to hide in a closet on their spaceship and close her they can't see her.

  • Helen 2.0
    2019-07-14 04:55

    DNF at 30% because dubcon. Eeeeeeek!Also, the love interests beat each other up all the time??? For no reason???? Who does that?????? I don’t for a second believe the author’s assertion that “they’re just soldiers, they have to burn off their innate aggression somehow”. Um, no, if you have to beat someone half to death to let go of aggression, then you are not a soldier - you’re just psychotic. I’ll take a hard pass on the psychotic-cyborg-cubed, thanks!

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2019-06-23 07:42

    ****4 Cyborgalicious Stars****Apparently I am a Cyborg Slut because I would like my own harem of yummy CyborgsGideon Gideon's the leader of a small group of Cyborgs on a mission to kidnap a pediatrician for the growing cyborg population. He's also a fierce protector. GabrielGabriel's the sweetheart that Always knows just what to say to melt my heartJericoJerico's patient, sweet, and kind. And he's a skilled fighterCalebCaleb's beautiful but he had some perish tendencies that I really didn't care for. At least he was willing to fight for the woman he loved.BronteShe's a Pediatrician. Abduction victim. Oh and my kind of heroine. She was strong, independent, and smart.Cyborg Nation was an action packed adventure spiced with a bit of sex. There was one menage scene, but this series focuses mostly on relationships with multiple partners where each man focusing on the woman they love. To say I have enjoyed this series would be an understatement. I look forward to reading the final installment soon!My Cyberevolution reviews:The AwakeningTotal RecalAbiogenesisCyborgIlluminationCyborg Nation

  • ✘✘ Sarah ✘✘ (former Nefarious Breeder of Murderous Crustaceans)
    2019-07-02 05:40

    ➽ Because julio thought is was pure crap.➽ And because I will need a palate cleanser if I survive reading When a Scot Ties the Knot.

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-07-03 05:33

    I LOVE this series. See my review on "Cyborg" for the back story.Gideon, Jerico, and Gabriel are cyborgs. There were sent to Earth to get Dr.B.A. Nicols, male pediatrician, to help them with Cyborg Nation young. Unfortunately, B.A.Nichols is dead. Fortunately, his daughter Bronte is also a pediatrician so they grab her. As males overwhemingly outnumber females in the Cyborg Nation, each female must have not less than two or more than four 'spouses'. Our Cyborgs decide to use the transit time home to 'court' Bronte. But, being Cyborgs, this behavior was never downloaded into their databanks. Reading the story of three evolving Cyborgs 'courting' a female is fabulous. Because they were told they have no emotion, they don't recognize the caring, jealously, and love they feel for Bronte. Likewise, Bronte misreads their 'emotions' as they aren't supposed to have any! My first experience with this author was via e-book, but now I'm buying the paperbacks...they're that good!

  • Paula
    2019-06-19 05:43

    There is a LOT of gratuitous sex going on through out this story. The small group of Cyborg Space guys are all friends and try to get Bronte to agree to mate with them as well as be their mate,so it,s a very ADULT story. That being said..... Of all of the books in this series by Kaitlyn O'Connor, this is my favorite. It's so funny I laughed and laughed. Definitely erotic romance including being mated to multiple partners(I'd be happy with just one Cyborg). A bunch of really good looking hunky guys without much living experience and she's a doctor which they kidnapped ,sort of accidentally by her being in the wrong place at the wrong time, to bring to their planet because no one there knows anything about birthing babies which is a new evolutionary thing with these Cyborgs.(take breath) On the way back to their planet they all decide even though she's the enemy they want her to be their mate. They wouldn't probably have a mate otherwise. But of course she has to agree. Plus what will the council say when they get planetside? It was a fun story to read and I recommend to anyone over 18. "....

  • Zeek
    2019-07-02 02:50

    What a romp! Full of sci fi/ polyamorous love, I was laughing outloud at the some the antics of the heroes in this one! Sure their punching each other out every other minute got a little old, but for some dumb reason it came off as an endearing personality quirk and I was just as charmed as the heroine! Course the hot erotic sex they dished out helped... :P

  • Jill
    2019-07-09 00:49

    I do love these cyborg books. I believe this is the third in the series and it was very enjoyable. The only thing that sort of annoyed me was the addition of a fourth " partner " within the last few pages. It seem very last minute and unecessary. I almost felt sorry for him, Bronte certainly didn't want or need him and he didn't even get a kiss. It sort of ended the story badly for me.

  • Linda
    2019-06-19 03:27

    DNF at a bit over 50%There are so many things in it that I dislike: dubious consent, characters controlled by their sexual urges, sex without emotional connection, poor communication and erroneous assumptions as conflict-drivers, general stupidity...There is some humor here that I enjoyed (view spoiler)[The men trying to figure out how a woman thinks was funny, but you’d think their seduction programming would have given them a bit more of a clue. Plus, considering that they knew they had to share any woman they got, WTH did they keep beating the hell out of each other for being with her? That “need an outlet for their aggression” excuse was BS (hide spoiler)] but it was overshadowed by the things I did not like. I guess this one simply is a “not for me.” YMMV

  • MostlyDelores
    2019-07-10 00:45

    Better than Cyborg, but still not good. Although I did get some enjoyment from the cyborgs' bafflement over relationships.It's the age-old story, a human doctor is captured and trapped with three cyborgs for months as they travel to the cyborgs' home world. Naturally, all they can think of is a cozy marriage between the four of them, but how to win their beloved?“Gabriel’s expression darkened. “I would feel better if we could contract with her before we land. Even if we could convince her to agree to contract, then there is always the chance that she might change her mind after we are home and she sees that she may choose from many more than just us three.”“That is what the courting is for,” Gideon said irritably. “Theoretically, the female develops an affection and then she does not want to chose another.”Gabriel glared at him. “I know that much, damn it! It is the way of getting them to feel the affection I do not understand.”“I uploaded the data,” Jerico said helpfully.”

  • Delta
    2019-06-21 05:40

    First read March 2015Second reading June 2016

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-06-30 23:32

    Reread 2nd read. Another wonderful book. I love how the cyborgs are really teenagers in men's bodies. They're learning as they go and it's so sweet how they try things that only make sense to them. This is such a great series! One of my favorites. Review 06/26/11 Great book! It was funny and a little sad, but mostly romantic and funny. (view spoiler)[ Bronte is kidnapped by 3 of the older model cyborgs, who have no social skills at all but a very active sex drive. The problem is none of the cyborg ladies want them because they're not new and improved. Bronte is a pediatrician who they want in their new colony. The guys look at this as a chance to sex her into agreeing to be their mate (2 to 4 male mates per female is the law). She overhears them and their acting like their convincing her is a military exercise. They have no idea what they're doing and when one of the guys looks like he's making a little progress, the others have to beat the shit out of them. At first this scares her, but it happens so often where they have to "inventory", "reorganize", "distribute" that she gets used to it. They finally do convince her right before their spaceship wrecks and now she finds out what they are fantastic at, protecting her and surviving. Loved these guys, loved how Bronte realizes that they really are trying their best and as they are evolving the guys are having a hard time with all the new emotions. I think this is my favorite so far.(hide spoiler)]

  • Jacqueline
    2019-06-28 02:37

    Another good cyborg sci fi romance from Kaitlynn O'Connor. The plot made sense and the writing was well done. Good world building adding more to the structures and culture already in place for this series. The heroine was a pretty strong self confident woman. The three heros were each pretty well characterized and were easy to tell apart. The continual fighting when they get jealous of each other does get a little old but it's part of the series and is generally amusing so it's okay. I liked how she developed and filled out their trials and tribulations once they crash landed. Many sci fi authors seem to have so many ideas that they just skim parts like that. The ending a little hokey with the pregnancies but I'm suspending my disbelief because I love SFR and these are some of the best out there. There is quite a bit of sex here but the story is robust enough to handle it.

  • Ladymcbeth
    2019-06-27 04:36

    Really love the way the cyborgs show their love to the human woman... really good story

  • Sofia
    2019-07-10 04:34

    This story started off so fucking strong and then went downhill so fucking fast.The main problem with this story was the useless shit that was constantly being provided. I do not need to know the psychology of your situation, I can figure that out myself. All of that stupid inner dialogue that was constantly happening was irritating and boring. I do not need to know every single detail.Also, mild spoilers. She was hurt really badly, and all she could worry about was of they still desired her. She also didn't believe that they cared about her. Bitch, they have proven that they do care. Jerico asked if you were okay at one point. Also, I did not like how Gabriel was left out. I mean yeah they got together eventually, but come on. She only goes to Gabriel when the other two won't give her pleasure. Gabriel is her last resort and that just doesn't sit right with me. All in all, this book frustrated me. I skimmed through so much of it because it had so much useless information that I did not want or need to know. That is all.

  • Spuffed
    2019-07-17 03:25

    A really good addition to this series. This one seemed a little more well thought out than some of the author's other books- all in the series are pretty well done, actually. A lot of inner dialogue tends to make some of these books drag a bit and this one was no exception but it's still a good book.Quick Rundown: Pediatrician Chick finds herself abducted by strange eyed humans who turn out to be Cyborgs created so well that they had to be destroyed as they started thinking for themselves. The Cyborgs have created their own nation on a planet far away from Earth's notice and have since discovered that they can now reproduce. Hence the need for a pediatrician. 3 Cyborgs are on this mission and decide to try to woo Chick and get her to mate with them and contract with them as a family as females are scarce. On the long voyage home, lots of hilariousness happens and then shit really hits the fan upon return to the Cyborg Nation.Characterization: This is pretty well done. All characters have their individual traits despite being cyborgs who were created to be the same, in a sense. The Chick was also well done but was a little inconsistent at times. She claims to be super attracted to these guys but yet when they start to brawl each other, she runs and hides in a fetal position in the bottom part of a closet and is so super afraid of them. Then next thing you know, she's super attracted to them again. This didn't make sense to me but it was just a couple instances so it was overlookable. There really aren't any bad guys in this book- it's more about the characters making bad decisions or saying stupid shit:)PLot: Pretty much covered this in the rundown but in this book we have three males that are all on board together with sharing a mate where most of the other books in the series have had this multi partner issue to contend with so that was a nice change. Survival scenes were good and another new addition to the series as far as plot goes. This book was quite wordy. The Chick's inner dialogues would go on for fucking ever and I found myself unintentionally skimming cause I was tired of reading her thinking. Sex scenes were pretty hot. Ending was okay, a little abrupt for me. I would have liked a little more insight into how they ended up working together, living together but I guess a book has to end somewhere.Overall: A great addition to the series and I recommend. Definitely read them in order though for full enjoyment and a better sense of world building.-Spuffed

  • Miku
    2019-07-10 04:52

    I read this on April Fool's Day and just can't believe what I had read. Seriously, I had never even noticed it was April 1st and should have run from my friend when she gave me this and should have known from the smile.I didn't know what to expect from the book especially from the cover All I can say is that the book is weird. Really weird!! It took me hours and hours just to finish it. I just couldn't stand the heroine. This is what I felt from reading this:The cyborgs don't recognize their emotions because they weren't programmed to have any. As a result, they are aggressive, horny louts who push themselves on the heroine and spend the rest of the time physically beating on each other. It says that Bronte "misreads" the cyborg's actions because they aren't supposed to have feelings. But the way I see it, she misreads them because she never communicates with them. All of them spend way too much thinking, "Why did she do that?" "What is he thinking?" and speculating incorrectly, when they could have simply asked each other.Part of the book says is that the heroes want a mate, but weren't programmed to do courtship. Bronte could have taught them how she wanted to be treated. Instead, she throws childish tantrums and bites and glowers at them.Everyone's taste is different and you might not feel the same. This is just my point of view.

  • D.G.
    2019-06-29 06:43

    This book was weird. Even though there were multiple partners, it can barely be considered erotica (the love scenes were boring and common place.) The romance was really not romantic at all - how could it be when the men just latch onto Bronte (the heroine) just because she's the first woman they can get their hands on. Bronte, on the other hand, wanted the men because they were sexy and needy (she said so herself....the epitome of romance of course!) There was a plot at the end that seemed out of place and ridiculous so you wonder exactly what the author was going for because she failed at everything.Not continuing the series.

  • Cynthia
    2019-07-15 07:33

    I liked it, against my better judgement. The males were entertaining, Bronte was tolerably annoying, and the whole premise felt fresh. The cutest part was the constant one-up-manship going on. Or when the 3 of them sat down and tried to figure out Bronte.I feel it could have been much better with just one guy though, or even two. Three just crowded it up. As in Jericho and Gabriel could have easily been combined into one character. And the bit with Caleb at the end was just stupid. Also, I hated the triple pregnancy thing.Lots of wordy introspection where Bronte plots and mulls over her every move and feeling. I like more dialogue in my reads, usually.

  • Susan Marie
    2019-06-19 04:47

    i love this series and this universe

  • Coyora Dokusho
    2019-07-07 05:49

    Read at least (2) timesI dunno when, but I definitely read this before. There were amusing bits, men still not clearly delineated enough.

  • Brenda
    2019-07-17 03:30

    I enjoyed reading this book. The twists and turns were well thought through and recommend this read.

  • Catherine
    2019-07-14 00:28

    4.5 stars

  • Jessica Gomez
    2019-07-12 06:37

    Not a bad story. I love the hot cyborgs. The setting being furistic space. And all that it implies why have them speaking in a sort of mayhap? What is the point? It is in the future. She was just annoying at times. But you expect it. She is a pediatrician. She deals with children. Better sex scenes for sure. Very hot menage action. Read the ePub version by the way. I will finish reading the series. I'm curious.

  • Scooper Speaks
    2019-06-25 02:31

    2.5 I'm not a fan of cyborg romances because it's hard for me to believe a person can love a machine. A beast, yes. Machine...not so much. However, O'Connor writes the characters in a way that you see them evolving and learn that they aren't just a machine, but partially human. Watching the humanity grow away from their programming made a romance possible.

  • Lucy
    2019-07-10 01:42

    Love this series, but this was by far my favorite book of all in the series so far. I will hold off as long as possible on #7, since it is the last, and I don't want it to end.My one disappointment is that couples from previous books do not reappear, but it is not enough to downgrade the stories.

  • Brutally Honest
    2019-06-30 02:49

    Well. This story was h.o.t. and I'm not sure what else to say about it except that I thought the three Hs were adorable. Just sad that it ended so abruptly, would have loved to see how it would have worked out(view spoiler)[ with Caleb (hide spoiler)].

  • Kelly Lucille
    2019-06-17 00:46

    Fun and sexy with a lot of great world building. This is one of my favorites of the series because Bronte is just so clueless and cute about it. plus, hot, hot guys who are even more out of their depths and cute with it.

  • Gab
    2019-06-25 05:36

    loved it

  • Kelly
    2019-07-15 23:43

    Totally fell in love with these guys, super hot and super sweeties! This was by far the best of the series so far.