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'Ik ben ziek, heb kanker en ga misschien dood. Maandag begint er een nieuw, onzeker leven voor mij. Vanaf maandag lig ik 54 weken aan het infuus. Dat is het enige zekere dat ik nog heb.' In 2005 werd bij de toen 21-jarige Sophie van der Stap een ernstige vorm van kanker geconstateerd. Over de 54 weken waarin ze vocht voor haar leven, schreef ze het ontroerende boek Meisje'Ik ben ziek, heb kanker en ga misschien dood. Maandag begint er een nieuw, onzeker leven voor mij. Vanaf maandag lig ik 54 weken aan het infuus. Dat is het enige zekere dat ik nog heb.' In 2005 werd bij de toen 21-jarige Sophie van der Stap een ernstige vorm van kanker geconstateerd. Over de 54 weken waarin ze vocht voor haar leven, schreef ze het ontroerende boek Meisje met negen pruiken, dat een groot succes werd en dat ook in Duitsland een bestseller is....

Title : Meisje met Negen Pruiken
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ISBN : 9789044611182
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 224 Pages
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Meisje met Negen Pruiken Reviews

  • Judy Collins
    2019-06-18 23:44

    A special thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.Sophie van der Stapdelivers a well-written, poignant, and inspiring personal journey with cancer, THE GIRL WITH NINE WIGS ---real words, tears, and pain she has faced. From friends gained, and those lost; family, friends, nurses, IV drips, doctors, blood transfusions, white coats, pills, tubes, scans, blood counts, and her own bald head. Everyone is real;the wigs, the last hairs, her scars, her new personalities: Stella, Daisy, Sue, Blondie, Platina, Uma, Pam, Lydia and Bebe---all real. From humor, fear, wit, and a strong need to survive, with a little help from her nine new personalities. Sophie has been given a second chance, and starts living once again to tell her uplifting story of triumph. She will make you laugh, cry and smile! Sophie, age twenty-one, a normal gal attending university. She has a loving family and does all the fun things girls do at this age. Then the symptoms begin. Tests. Needles. Hospitals. Doctors. Scans. Procedures.The heartbreaking news. Instead of going back to university the next Monday. The news is delivered. Cancer. The nightmare has been confirmed. All she hears is aggressive, advanced, rare, Rhabdomyosarcoma (a rare malignant tumor involving striated muscle tissue). How could she have cancer? She could die. First her mom had cancer. Now her? She is afraid of what is to come. The diary entrybegins starting in mid-January. She will get through this. What about her hair, her eyebrows, eyelashes. Chemotherapy. Hooked to an IV. The side effects. Fluid retention, nausea, vomiting. A nasty disease. A rare cancer. Her life?Her older twenty-five year old sis has a role, her mom, and dad, are all there to help support her. She has one job. To survive chemo. To get better. She is depressed. Empty. Fifty-four weeks of chemo.By mid-February, next comes wig shopping.The previous year when her mom when through breast cancer, she was there helping her, get a wig and now, here she is. Her mom, sister, and Annabel, her friend. Be positive Sophie. The hairdos look stupid. A disaster. She wants to hide, to escape. Not just from the disease but from the reactions of everyone around her, confirming what she wants to forget. The neighbors. The pity. The family, friends, the crying. She has to give the wig thing a try; however, all she sees is a stranger.Playing with headbands, hairspray, and trying to get rid of the itch of something on her head. She is numb with a perfect diet of fear, stress, and night sweats. Tumor fever. She is scared. Her real hair is falling out in clumps. It is time for the razor. She is bald. She will avoid mirrors. She hates her head. Her wigs:• Daisy is a keeper. Long Blond curls. She is mischievous and playful. Perfect for sundresses. Barbie like. Romantic • Sue:Short and spicy red. Edgy cut brings out her boldness. Strong and decisive. Headstrong. She makes an impression. Attention getter. Sassy• Stella: Makes her understand what she is not. Her hair is always the same. It never moves. Rigid. Insecure• Blondie: short sexy blonde bob. Real hair. Most expensive. Thoughtful. She makes her feel different. Independent. Blondes has more fun. They get the attention and free drinks.A wig turns out to be much more than a bunch of hair. Each one does something for Sophie. They affect her sense of self. She soon finds when she puts on Daisy with the long curls, her Italian sandals become sexy stilettos, her jeans, a hip-hugging skirt, and her humble cleavage becomes a real showstopper. Everyone wants to know who is hiding behind the blonde ringlets.All four ladieshave something in common. In all four there is a little of her. A Sophie who grows by stealing a little inspiration from them all. A Sophie who can see the changes in herself by observing how these ladies tackle life. Together Daisy, Blondie, Sue and Stella are forming a new her.She meets Jurriaan (Jur), a young man diagnosed with cancer when he was twenty-one. He is now twenty-six, full of energy. He tells her to break down the fear and illness day by day. Meditation. Writing. He has mantras. He has a girlfriend. He wants to be friends. There are three stages of her disease and she is in the middle. Her disease is rare. She has friends who want to help. All guys want to be her friend, and nothing more. Everyone wants to pickher apart, from pathologists, anatomists, and oncologists. What is normally a children’s disease, her age is puzzling to the specialists. Blood transfusions, low red blood cell count, injections for white blood cells, and transfusions to boost her blood count. A weak immune system, bruises. Pale skin. A lack of energy. Sophie learns she can change wigs to transform her mood, when she wants to leave her current life behind. Then there is her old faithful guardian, her IV, always beside her. Hospitals, death, diseases.Then she finds she needs another look that the four cannot provide. Next we meet the new wigsand personalities: • Platina: Electric white bob. Least expensive. Fun-loving. Made to impress. Freedom. • Uma:Sensual. A perfect look to meet up with the boys. Jur likes her the best. • Pam:The girl next door. Blonde streaks. Jennifer Aniston’s younger sister look. She likes Pam. Her 7th new look. She cannot wait to show Rob. Goes with her wardrobe• Lydia: Given to her by Bebe, she wore back in the sixties. Warm Auburn. • Bebé: Platinum-blond locks, exotic, sexy; a tribute to Bebe in AndalusiaNow she has nine charactersto choose from – with endless options to pair with her wardrobe. A green top for Uma and Sue on her shopping list—to give their red locks a bit more oomph. Also on her list: a pink floral shirt to give Daisy a little extra sweetness, and a sexy black blouse to flaunt Bebe. When she goes into town she goes for sexy and sultry for obvious reasons. Bebe, Uma, and Palm have been the ones to see most of the restaurants, clubs, and parties. They are the only ladies who traveled with her to Barcelona. She learns to seizethe day, her breakfasts, her cups of tea, and the occasional glass of wine, her afternoons outside in the sun, or snuggled up inside when it rains. She seizes the evening sun and thunderstorms. The cancer makes her feel more loved. Every time she turns up with a new wig, it is high praise. Wearing the illness on the outside makes the situation easier for others, and for her. The wigs make it easy to switch worlds. Her wigs are becoming more of a solution rather than a problem. She looks in the mirror and hardly recognizes her old self. It helps dressing up as all the different personalities, to learn how she sees herself. Maybe she will figure out who she is underneath.Sometimes she prefers the peace and silence of her own thoughts, where she has an apple pie with Jur, not to commiserate with fellow victims. or rooms full of baldies or a spiritual weekend in a country castle with scalps and wigs. The chemo wears her out while it is killing her nasty tumors. She also learns to eat healthy. From quinoa, beets, pumpkin seeds, millet, and spirulina, chlorella, aloe vera, ginseng, and other organic produce and delights. From yoga to meditation. From vitamins, boxes of herbal remedies, and hot flashes due to chemo—menopause? On her strong days wearing a wig to match her mood, she appears healthy and on her low days, she hides out in her bed. She can hate the world, she can dislike others. Moan, call people names and life is no longer her friend, but her enemy. Dying is not an option.When she transforms herself into a femme fatale, she feels like one. When she does her makeup and puts on high heels and a wig, she feels stronger, bigger, and less afraid. Her wigs do not make her anonymous; they give her a chance to another, parallel life where caner does not exist. She always associated cancerwith old people and unhealthy lifestyles, but the past few years have shown her that nothing could be further from the truth. Look at her mom and all the celebrities who have dealt with it. Sometimes even underneath the clothes and wigs, and makeup she looks like a cancer patient. She has a bald head and scars. However she is used to the wigs and likes seeing them on her dresser as part of her. Then there are her dreams.She reaches her twenty-second birthday and appreciates her day more realizing you are around to grow another year older than when you were healthy. Twenty-two and in a wheel chair at the hospital. Now she needs an MRI. Radiation. An operation is not an option. They have to hunt down the very last cancer cell. She feels like she is staring in a sci-fi movie.The men in white coats. The machines.She lives for the day she will be clean, clean, clean (better than a triple orgasm)! If she gets the good news, can she trust it? When she gets askedto appear on live TV, she has no clue which wig to wear…who will come and sit with her between the hosts? Her wigs have become a media sensation! All she has to do is how people that you can live with cancer, that you can still laugh and enjoy yourself. That she still shops, wears fake eyelashes, dresses up, and goes on dates. That life with cancer does not have to be just an emaciated body, pain, and endless vomiting. Wigs can be fun, not just for her, but for anyone with cancer. Is she a sensation…..emails from everyone with unknown names. When she receives an email from a cancer patient with cynical humor, she has to meet her. She goes to churches, to embrace the silence, the calm, and the fact she is always welcome, not matter what she says or does the previous day. Chantal,age thirty-four, terminally ill, with breast cancer, enjoying life, making jokes, flirting, and shoe shopping. Sophie wants to feel her strength. She is her new hero. The doctors have given her two years. There is a lot that have had to give up, but a lot left. They have every second, minute, and hour of the day for their selves. They live for themselves and those they love. She can make jokes about cancer bitches (ends up at random parties and wakes up in the morning with a killer hangover).After all, a girl with cancer has to work harder for a bit of attention than a girl without. A life with a secret. When the following year approaches she reflects on her new friend, her family, her love life, and her prognosis. She has to ween off the meds with good news. She decides to write. A manuscript. Nine Wigs. The Girl with Nine Wigs. Wow! An inspiring story assured to empower you, through illness, and especially cancer—to put you in touch with life, how to embrace life, joy and laughter. Choose to waste, or treasure the time. The author demonstrates with brutal honesty and compassion, how to turn an illness into something good.(loved the Epilogue and the Postscript)Even with the overwhelming cancer, her wigs offered her joy during her deepest despair to find a refuge, an escape, and comfort. A lesson for us all not to take anything for granted, we should celebrate life and love. On a personal note:A perfect book to lift my spirits-- my healthy and fit mom with all her annual doctor appointments, discovered two years ago she had colon cancer. She has been through surgeries, complications, hospital stays, eight months of chemo, blood transfusions and many of the same procedures covered in the book; to discover, she was in remission; to later find it has spread to the liver and outside to the abdominal area, and now unable to operate. Trying a stronger chemo was not working, as caused many other complications wearing her body down at age 83. She will not give up. Her friends are amazed at her tenacity. Currently she is doing much better, and not taking chemo, taking one day at a time and enjoying life. The book meant so much to me as throughout all this my mom never lost her hair; however wears a short pixie cut. Now that she is off the chemo, they have taken her off her calcium, due to her kidneys, and her hair is now falling out with bald spots. I have tried to persuade her to see about a short sassy wig, but she continues to say she cannot stand anything on her head. However, she has not tried on a wig in twenty years, so I am positive we could find her one to boost her spirits. Cannot wait to tell her about this incredible book!Thank you, Sophie van der Stap (beautiful in every way) for sharing your incredible journey, of strength; from pain to joy---you are an inspiration at age thirty-two, and wish you continued best of health and happiness! It was a pleasure to read your story--and highly recommend to anyone who is going through cancer, or to share with family and friends, who need a boost to get them through the dark valleys.JDCMustReadBooks

  • Debbie
    2019-06-13 06:38

    5 stars!!You would think that a book about a young girl with cancer would be all morose and would be something that would put you in a really bad mood. That is not the case with this book. Yes, towards the end, it does get a little tear jerky, but for the most part, it was kept pretty much up beat. As much as you can with a diagnosis of cancer. While it was kept pretty much upbeat, there was the underlying factor of the difficulty of finding someone to love. That had of have been very hard. I hope she finds him one day.I also loved how the author would put on different wigs and seem to be different characters for the mood that she was feeling then. This was definitely a great read and definitely held my interest. It was entertaining, endearing, informational, sad, funny and kudos to the author who was brave enough to tell her story.Thanks St. Martin's Press and Net Galley for providing me with this free e-galley in exchange for an honest review!

  • Meg
    2019-06-07 07:32

    This book is a candid look at a cancer diagnosis and the aftereffects. However, despite the subject matter and the likeable voice of the author, overall the book felt very shallow - it reads like a collection of blog posts, not a cohesive work.

  • Mairita (Marii grāmatplaukts)
    2019-06-02 07:55

    Grūti vērtējams darbs un savā ziņā nav pelnījis vairāk par 3 zvaigznēm. Tomēr vai ir ētiski vispār vērtēt šādus patiesus dzīves traģēdijas stāstus? Sofija ir veiksminiece, viņai paveicās. Katrs ar vēzi cīnās pa savam un viņas metode ir ne labāka, ne sliktāka. Kas mēs esam, lai kritizētu viņas vēlmi savās atmiņās uzsvērt flirtēšanu ar puišiem, nevis savas sāpes un asaras (kuru tur ir pietiekami, nepārprotiet)? Vērtējot tikai tekstu - uzrakstīts viegli un ar pašironiju, tomēr pēc izlasīšanas palika iztukšotības sajūta. Par līdzīgu tēmu interesantāka, dziļāka un labāka bija Will Schwalbe "The End of Your Life Book Club" - tās ir sirsnīgas dēla atmiņas par mātes pēdējiem gadiem.

  • Goemaere Jari
    2019-06-11 04:58

    Het meisje met negen pruiken is een autobiografisch boek over een meisje dat een zeldzame kanker heeft. De schrijfster Sophie kreeg in 2005 te horen dat ze kanker heeft en dit op de leeftijd van 23. Nadat de diagnose werd gesteld moest Sophie gedurende een proces van 54 weken chemo krijgen. Het jaar van de kanker was voor Sophie een jaar vol met chemo, infusen, dokters en pruiken. De betekenis van de titel van het boek is dat Sophie haar haren heeft verloren door de chemo. Door de chemo en de gevolgen als haaruitval heeft ze een pruik gekocht en die pruik geeft ze een naam. Uiteindelijk had ze negen pruiken in haar bezit. Elke pruik een ander naam en elk een ander karakter. Tijdens de chemokuur ontmoette ze ontzettend veel mensen die ook kanker hadden. Op de dokters die haar behandelden werd Sophie verliefd. Tijdens de behandeling komt Sophie veel jongens tegen. Met sommigen begon Sophie zelf een relatie, maar die duurden niet lang. Dit komt deels door haar ziekte, jongens schrikken ze van de ziekte en zijn bang dat Sophie plots kan sterven. Sophie heeft het daar soms moeilijk mee, maar Sophie heeft een ontzettend sterk karakter. Dit helpt haar bij de behandeling, maar ook bij het leven tijdens de behandeling. Ik vond dit een zeer mooi boek, omdat het aangrijpend was. Ze vertelde alles zeer gedetailleerd, hierdoor is dit een meerwaarde voor het verhaal. Het boek beschouw ik zelf als één van de mooiste boeken die ik al gelezen heb. Dit komt omdat waargebeurde boeken mij aanspreken. Dit boek was er ook zo één en ook hoe Sophie haar verhaal vertelt. De behandelingen die Sophie gekregen had, zijn zeker niet te onderschatten en ontzettend zwaar. Ik denk dat veel mensen die zelf in deze behandeling zitten, het boek moeten lezen en er inspiratie uit halen om door te zetten. Dit boek toont aan dat kanker de controle van je lichaam niet mag overnemen en dat je ertegen moet vechten. Na het lezen van dit boek kan ik maar één ding zeggen: geniet van het leven, want het kan zo snel voorbij zijn.

  • Charlyn
    2019-06-07 23:46

    5.0*Opravdu úžasná knížka!

  • Karen Germain
    2019-05-28 04:00

    My TBR pile is sky-high, but I still can't resist perusing titles on NetGalley and when I saw Sophie Van Der Stap's memoir, The Girl with Nine Wigs, I had to read it. Thank you to St. Martin's Press for providing me with an advanced copy of Van Der Stap's novel, in exchange for an honest review.PLOT- Dutch college student, Sophie Van Der Stap, is only twenty-one when she is diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. Her life changes immediately, as she must set aside school and spend weeks living at the hospital, undergoing tests, chemotherapy and, radiation. Throughout her illness, Sophie struggles with her identity. She uses a variety of wigs to create different personas, these new characters are part Sophie and part an identity that she wants to exude. Do blondes have more fun? Are redheads a bit sassy? Sophie is battling her cancer, but she is able to use these new characters to embolden herself and even have some must needed fun. LIKE- I dare you to read The Girl with Nine Wigs and not completely fall in love with Van Der Stap. She's a strong woman, not afraid to be honest in her writing and brave for telling her story. Plus, she comes across as such a fun-loving, life-loving person, that it is impossible to not root for her to overcome all of her challenges. Her attitude towards life, will make you reexamine your own outlook. Van Der Stap's memoir doesn't just focus on her medical issues. It goes to deeper, as she explains, how it feels to have a possible death sentence, just as your life is starting. Van Der Stap longs to just be a normal college student and with her wigs, she is somewhat able to achieve it, if only for a night. One example, is a man that she flirts with and picks up at a nightclub, never telling him about her diagnoses. It's a fling for one night. This fling makes her feel nearly normal, although, when the night is finished, the entire situation is tainted with sadness. Van Der Stap must come to terms with the cancer forever changing her life, both in good and bad ways. This is a story about shifting and lost identities.As much as I fell in love with Van Der Stap, I also came to feel care and concern towards the friends that she makes in the cancer ward. I was tense reading the last couple of chapters, waiting to find out what happens to these friends.DISLIKE- Absolutely nothing. I couldn't put this memoir down. RECOMMEND- Yes! Put The Girl with Nine Wigs on the top of your TBR pile. Van Der Stap has an incredibly compelling story to share, but she is also a strong writer, making this memoir a must-read. Also, you have to look up Sophie Van Der Stap. I always like to see a picture of authors, especially if I'm reading a memoir. I had already falling in love with her on the page and, then I saw a picture. Van Der Stap is stunningly gorgeous. I was so blown away, that I had to immediately show my husband. Like my review? Check out my blog!

  • Suze Lavender
    2019-06-18 04:39

    The Girl With Nine Wigs is an impressive book about a 21-year-old girl who has cancer. Sophie gets a rare diagnosis and an uncertain year for her begins. A year with a lot of downs, but also several ups, because even though she has cancer Sophie manages to embrace life and to find ways to get through the horrific treatments, feeling awful and being afraid. She starts with one wig she doesn't like very much, so soon she buys another one, and another. Sophie ends up with nine wigs that each have their own nickname and matching personality. Stella, Sue, Uma, Daisy, Platina, Blondie, Bébé, Pam and Lydia all have their own benefits and characteristics. They often make Sophie bolder and more confident and because of them she ends up in all kinds of fascinating situations. She can hide behind them, but she's also showing more of herself when she's wearing these wigs.I read 'Meisje Met Negen Pruiken', which is the original Dutch title of this book pretty soon after it came out. I think it should have been translated into English years ago. I'm glad I can finally share this impressive Dutch book with my readers now. All Dutch women I know have read this book and each of them was and still is equally moved by Sophie's story. She doesn't constantly focus on the medical side of cancer, instead she writes about what it is to go through life with cancer, which means she describes the whole package. Her story is about the encounters she has and how they make her feel. Even if there's a wig that makes Sophie look great she's still vulnerable and she carries her diagnosis with her wherever she goes. Sophie is looking for love, like almost everyone else. She meets the most wonderful men and flirts whenever she can, but she wants someone to be close to. Meanwhile her character is rapidly developing, probably a lot more quickly than it would have if she'd remained healthy. She starts her book being a regular girl with so much potential and then she turns into someone extraordinary while she's dealing with a terrible illness. I think that's an amazing achievement and think it's only just that the whole world has the chance to read about it. I think everyone should read her story. It's beautiful and open, it's sometimes sad, but mostly hopeful and the writing is really, really good.

  • Chantal Lyons
    2019-06-06 01:48

    This is undoubtedly one of the lighter, happier reads about living with cancer that you'll find. That isn't to say it isn't profound or important - far from it. The author's writing is frank. She doesn't shy away from any details about her cancer or treatment symptoms. I didn't know, for example, about "tumour fever" or "chemo pee", which was a tad surprising after reading various YA and adult novels about cancer (then again, maybe not - all that pesky physical stuff might have messed with the aesthetics of those books too much!). What surprised me less, but never fails to amaze me, is the paradox of cancer that is presented in the memoir. The cancer could kill her, it's a terrible thing to happen to her and her family - but it has brought them all back together, and she could not be who she has become without cancer. The book isn't without fault. The writing was often, as I said before, profound (see the title of this review), but it was also often a little awkward-sounding, not quite refined. Every now and then it felt like important details had been skipped over or even just the odd sentence that could've made what the author was trying to convey clearer. But overall I felt privileged to be reading her memoir - to be given a window into her terror, her youth, her youthful desires, her familial love, and everything the cancer and the treatment did to her body. And though she often reiterates the enlightenment she discovered - that the cancer really is a part of her - it never feels saccharine or insensitive. She talks about those who've lost the fight, or who lost by the time the book was published. I'm fortunate enough never to have been directly touched by cancer, but I hope this book would help those who are at this very moment.

  • Hilde Vee
    2019-06-23 03:50

    Sophie van der Stap wordt op jonge leeftijd geconfronteerd met kanker. Ze krijgt chemotherapie en hoewel ze meerdere tumoren heeft, verdwijnen ze allemaal en wordt ze tegen het einde van het boek kankervrij verklaard. Waarom deze titel? Sophie wou de moed niet laten zakken en zodra ze kaal werd, ging ze pruiken passen, maar het werd niets. In een winkel voor theaterbenodigdheden vond ze wel haar meug. Ze ging meermaals terug voor andere pruiken... in totaal negen. Elke pruik kreeg een naam en bij het dragen van een bepaalde pruik voelde Sophie zich "anders", een andere persoon dan bij het dragen van een andere pruik. Het boek is, ondanks het zware thema, toch doorspekt met humor, zo heeft ze het over haar relaties, behoefte aan seks, het hebben van seks en wat er tijdens het hebben van seks, of het kussen van een jongen soms gebeurde met haar pruik. Ook beschrijft ze hoe het voelde als jongens ontdekten dat ze kanker had.... Maar haar emoties "beschrijft" ze echt op een afstandelijke manier zodat ze ook niet echt raken.... Zij bleef ondanks haar kanker een flirtster en uitgaanstype eerste klas.Het grote deel van het boek gaat eigenlijk over haar "liefdesperikelen". Dat had ik niet verwacht in zo'n boek, maar het maakt natuurlijk ook deel van haar leven.Ik had echt meer van het boek verwacht, een ander soort boek.Voor mij was het toch een teleurstelling.Toch geef ik het nog een kans en zal zeker het vervolg lezen: "Een blauwe vlinder zegt gedag".

    2019-06-09 05:59

    I really enjoyed this book, it's well-written and very witty. When my friend recommanded me this book a few years back, I wasn't interested in reading it since I thought it would be too depressing. (A 21-year old student with cancer and a bad prognose, isn't a very light topic.) Yet, the book containt a lot of humor and the way the leading character Sophie deals with her illness is very inspiring. Without ignoring Sophie's fear and doubts, the book has an overall positive feel to it.The only things that botherd me a bit, was that at some points the book felt a little bit 'scripted'. Sophie is a very flirtacious and glamorous person to begin with, but in some parts it felt like this was emphasized to much. For instance: There were so many guys that meant a lot to her, and were the only one who could understand certain things, that I couldn't tell one from the other. There were just too many different names and a lot of them were only mentioned two or three times. Also the spirituality felt somewhat unreal. It's described in a very superficial way which makes it hard to take seriously. It felt a bit like yoga and church were dragged into the book, just to add a few ''spiritual'' aspects. I didn't like it, at least, not in the way it was done here.Except from that, it was a great book. I enjoyed reading it and I admire Sophie a lot!

  • Kozmokitap
    2019-05-27 07:55

    Pegasus Yayınlarından çıkan Dokuz Peruklu Kız Yazarın yanı Sophie Van Der Stap'ın kanseri yenme öyküsünü anlatıyor bize. Baştan uyarayım, duygusal kat sayınızın fazla olduğu bir zamanda okumayın bu kitabı göz yaşlarınızı tutamayabilirsiniz. Ya da hastane randevunuz varsa , kanser hastası iseniz ya da tarama öncesi ise kitaba başlamak için uygun bir zaman değil. Neden diye sorarsanız kitap aslında çok duygusal ya da kötü sonla biten bir kitap değil. Fakat kitabı okurken kendi mücadelenizi , kendi rahatsızlığınızı hatırlayıp daha da duygusallaşabilirsiniz ve kötü etkilenmenizi istemem. Duygusal olarak rahat, kontrollerinizi tamamlamış bir zamanda okurken kitabı gülümseyerek okuyacağınızı ve Sophie 'yi çok seveceğinizi düşünüyorum. Sophie yirmi bir yaşınca genç, hareketli, üniversite öğrencisi bir genç kızdır. Heyecan ile okulu beklerken rahatsızlanır ve bir takım tahlil , tetkikten sonra tanısı konur. Kanser'dir. Sophie bu durumla başa çıkabilmek ve hayata tutunmak için farklı peruklar alır kendisine . O anda nasıl hissediyorsa ve kendini için aslında bir savunma duvarı oluşturmak için farklı peruklar kullanır. Hayatın ucundan yakalar ve ona sımsıkı sarılır. Onu asla bırakmaz ve kanseri yener.

  • Kimberley
    2019-06-18 03:55

    The book takes places over about 18 months, it is in a diary format however it isn't full of mindless rambling, it is straight to the point of what she did that day, the tests she received and how she felt about it. It was really interesting and I absolutely flew through it because I was right there with her whenever she had an upcoming scan I would rush through the pages feeling nervous for her. I absolutely loved the idea with the wigs and how each one made her feel different, if she wanted to feel strong, sexy, confident then there are different wigs for each of those, she might decide that today she wants to wear Platina because she wants to stand out and doesn't care who knows about her cancer. Throughout this book everything that happens is real and I absolutely loved it, I loved reading about how some days she felt lively and like she could beat cancer and other days she just wanted to stay in bed. It felt like I was right there with her going through this treatment and I loved every second of this book. To read more of this review visit my blog at:

  • yexxo
    2019-05-27 04:49

    Mit 21 Jahren die Diagnose zu hören bekommen: Krebs, selten, aggressiv, metastasierend - sicherlich eine Horrorvorstellung für jeden. Sophie trifft dieses Schicksal, doch statt zu verzweifeln oder zu resignieren, nimmt sie auf ihre Art den Kampf gegen die Krankheit auf. Sie bewahrt sich ihre Fröhlichkeit und Lebensfreude, und den Verlust ihrer Haare nimmt sie als Gelegenheit, durch unterschiedlichste Perücken Facetten ihrer Persönlichkeit und ihrer Stimmungen auszuleben. Offen bis weit über die Schmerzgrenze hinaus berichtet sie von ihren Ängsten, Zweifeln und Befürchtungen, aber ebenso auch von der Bereicherung die die Krankheit für ihr Leben mit sich bringt.Ein ungemein ehrliches, erschreckendes aber auch ausgesprochen Mut machendes Buch - nicht nur für an Krebs Erkrankte. Auch wenn es keine Lösung im Sinne von Heilung gibt (was auf Sophie nicht zutrifft), zeigt es, dass man das Leben dennoch genießen kann. Im Hier und Jetzt!

  • Kendall Concini
    2019-06-06 07:44

    #readingchallenge(leftover2015) (my memoir book)Written in a quick, mini blog-esque entry style, you read Sophie's experience with cancer as you if you are a close friend she's updating. She's brave, as she openly relays her thoughts, feelings, and experiences. She found a way to keep a morose subject up-beat, as she creatively coped with her possible death sentence. While you do feel sad for her at times, as she struggles, you never feel depressed reading because her writing style gives such a positive outlook on life. You fall in love with her and celebrate new wigs, new identities, and new accomplishments with each entry. I do wish she had her perfect love story, but her personal growth leaves you feeling enlightened.

  • Eva
    2019-05-27 01:57

    Fandím všem lidem, kteří bojují s rakovinou a mám vždycky radost, když někdo tuto nemoc dokáže porazit a vrátit se do života. Nějak už je ale horší o tom číst. Alespoň tato kniha mi něčím nesedla, přišla mi psaná tak nějak povrchně, člověk neznalý by mohl získat dojem, že krom návštěv nemocnice a sem tam nějakého toho pláče lze žít naprosto bezstarostný život plný večírků a romantických vzplanutí. A přitom mám dojem, že přesně to autorka svou knihou sdělit určitě nechtěla. Spíš chtěla ukázat, že je důležité hlavně pozitivní myšlení a nebabrat se v lítosti, jen nějak nevím, kolik lidí v podobné situaci to dokáže povzbudit, když je to napsané tímhle stylem. Třeba jsem ale jen příliš kritická.

  • Mel (Daily Prophecy)
    2019-06-09 06:35

    Yes, it's a heavy story, but still I felt kinda bored during the reading.. I don't know, she kept talking about boys and doctor K and I don't find that very interesting to know.But I liked the fact that she had another personality if she wore another wig. On the other hand, I found her describing sometimes a bit annoying. 'Now I'm Silvia. And I'm Silvia again tomorrow.' Sometimes that was a bit too much in my eyes.But still, heavy story, hard part of her life and I wish her all the best and health in the world.

  • Bethany
    2019-06-17 03:40

    Different than I expected based on the description, a bit more depressing than I'd hoped, although I'm sure this detailed story of a cancer surviver is quite realistic and would give hope and comfort to those dealing with cancer. Would have enjoyed it more personally if the story had in fact been mostly about the wigs and their "personalities", and the (maybe more) interesting or comical encounters they brought about.

  • Bregtje
    2019-06-25 06:46

    The girl with the nine wigs is about a girl diagnosed with cancer but fights it back by becoming the characters she sees in the wigs she puts on. All kind of colors and hairstyles represent another part of herself and she chooses who she wants to be each day based on her feelings. It is an impressive book.

  • Marta
    2019-06-21 06:38

    Līdz pēcvārdam uztvēru šo grāmatu kā daiļliteratūru, lai gan klusībā apzinājos, ka ir lietas, ko nevar izdomāt. Ņemot vērā to, ka šī drīzāk ir tāda kā autobiogrāfija, stāstu gribējās skaudrāku, asāku, ne tik ļoti līdzsvarā, lai vairāk atklājas vēža daba. Medicīniskie termini lasītājam neko neizsaka, bet emocijas un izjūtas gan. Šoreiz gribējās vairāk otrā un mazāk pirmā.

  • Jitka
    2019-06-12 06:44

    Recenze na blogu :)

  • witchypoo
    2019-06-06 04:00

    I enjoyed this book much more than I expected to. I give it a solid 4.5 stars. Here's the link to my review.

  • Maartje De Groot
    2019-06-20 05:37

    Veel fouten in het boek. Dit heeft mij erg gestoord.

  • Jonna
    2019-05-30 04:42

    niet per se heel spannend, krijgt wel meer diepte tegen het einde. Wel goede observaties.

  • Dhe
    2019-06-15 06:42

    questo libro parla di cancro. punto. ormai l'ho detto, leggere un libro che parla di cancro sembra essere un crimine. qualcosa di simile a fare una cosa morbosa. in realtà penso che se le persone scrivono un libro lo facciano con uno scopo e sicuramente uno degli scopi è che questo libro venga letto. fra le altre cose non è neanche un libro triste.c'è una diffusa paura quando si parla di questo argomento. il che è più che comprensibile. quasi tutti purtroppo abbiamo avuto a che fare con questa malattia, spesso non direttamente ma tramite la vita di amici, parenti, persone a noi care o anche semplici conoscenti. la vita si rivoluziona quando viene diagnosticato, non solo per la persona interessata, ma per tutta la sua sfera di conoscenze. il che è perfettamente normale: una persona che si conosce ha il cancro: si ha paura a chiederle come sta, si ha paura di chiedere di lei, metti mai che si sia aggravata. ma anche se non si chiede di lei si passa per la parte del torto: non ci si preoccupa per lei ora che sta male?questa ragazza ha fatto del cancro la sua forza. le ha permesso di vedere la vita da un altro punto di vista, le ha permesso di scoprire le sfaccettature della sua personalità. è un libro molto interessante, che dà un diverso punto di vista sulla malattia e tutto quello che questa comporta. questo libro è un diario sulle 54 settimane che la ragazza ha vissuto combattendo contro il cancro. se pensate che sia un diario triste, non lo è affatto. o almeno non come si può immaginare. tanto per cominciare a 21 anni la vita è piena di amici, di vita, di storie vissute e da vivere. ci sono momenti di sconforto, ovviamente, avere 21 anni e sapere che si malati di cancro, per di più di un cancro particolamente aggressivo e per di più raro perchè colpisce di solito solo i bambini sicuramente non è passeggiata, ma sophie riesce a farsi forza, circondata dalla famiglia e dagli amici. trova la forza per uscire, per innamorarsi ed essere lasciata (in fin dei conti la vita va avanti lo stesso anche con il cancro...), per combattere questa battaglia, per innamorarsi platonicamente di ogni medico che incontra (e ne incontra parecchi...), per fare amicizia con le infermiere e condividere con loro il tempo non solo per essere medicata ma per capirne di più. trova anche il tempo di diventare una star, fare qualche comparsata in tv, grazie a questo espediente delle parrucche di cui vi parlerò fra poco. è unica e quindi tutti sono curiosi di sapere il suo punto di vista...le parrucche sono la sua particolarità, anche se ovviamente ognuno è particolare e diverso dagli altri soprattutto nei momenti difficili. ogni persona che si ammala di cancro ha un momento in cui si sente davvero malata. può essere quando il medico dà la notizia, quando inizia a stare male, quando fa la chemioterapia, quando vede il suo corpo cambiare. nel caso di sophie questo momento è stato quando ha perso i capelli. perchè per una ragazza di 21 anni con una folta capigliatura vedersi completamente pelata è stato uno shock. ma non si è persa d'animo e già prima di perdere tutti i capelli si era già recata con la madre in un negozio di parrucche, proprio nell'ospedale. c'era solo un problema: le parrucche. pensate per donne adulte, di una certa età, non erano state pensate per una ragazza giovane. a questo punto sophie si sentiva a disagio sia con la parrucca sia senza. finchè non ha deciso di recarsi in un altro tipo di negozio: uno che vendeva parrucche per spettacoli teatrali. ed ecco che incontra la parrucca che fa per lei, con una bella acconciatura, un bel colore... una volta indossata si sente un'altra. ogni volta che ne provava una si sentiva diversa. nel tempo arriva a comprarne 9, per cifre più o meno elevate a seconda della loro qualità. sceglie di indossare una o l'altra a seconda dello stato d'animo: vuole stare sul divano a piangersi addosso si mette quella poco appariscente, vuole uscire e fare conquiste al pub si mette la parrucca rosso corvino che attrae gli uomini come una calamita... la parrucca le permette di vivere le sfaccettature della sua personalità. piano piano le persone che le stanno intorno la seguono in questo suo mondo, impararano i nomi che dà alle parrucche e le chiedono come stanno le altre quando ne indossa una... personalmente ho apprezzato molto questa lettura. è ricca di humor anche se l'argomento non è dei più felici. è ricca di sentimento, di amore, di gioia e anche di paura e dolore. ma lei è una ragazza che al momento ha vinto e ha ripreso in mano la sua vita quindi si può dire che ci sia un lieto fine. non mi rimane che consigliarvi la lettura di questo libro, anche se particolare.

  • Marlies Wassink
    2019-05-31 00:52

    Prachtig. Zet je echt aan het denken.

  • Tammy Rahmasari
    2019-06-17 04:54

    Sophie mengeluh merasakan nyeri yang ganjil di dua atau tiga tempat, paru-parunya terendam air, beratnya menyusut, dan wajahnya menjadi sangat pucat. Setelah mengalami serangkaian pemeriksaan medis akhirnya ia mendapatkan hasil. Positif mengidap kanker, atau lebih tepatnya rhabdomyosarcoma. Penyakit itu adalah tumor ganas yang berevolusi sangat cepat.Sebelumnya, ibunya divonis menderita kanker payudara dan dinyatakan sembuh tanpa perlu diangkat setelah melakukan perawatan akhir kemoterapi. Walaupun begitu, di usia yang masih dua puluh satu tahun Sophie pun mengalami syok akan berita tersebut. Begitu pula dengan keluarga dan kerabatnya.Sophie mulai menjalani perawatan kemoterapinya pada tanggal 31 Januari 2005. Ia akan dialiri oleh serum fisiologi selama 3 hari dan delapan jam setiap harinya. Dan pada tanggal 17 Februari 2005 perawatan itu mulai menunjukkan efek samping, rambutnya mulai rontok dengan sangat cepat. Lalu pada akhirnya, kepalanya sudah menjadi botak.Sebelumnya Sophie hanya mengantar ibunya memilih-milih rambut palsu. Ia kini memasuki toko rambut palsu pertama kali sebagai calon pembeli. Kemudian lahirlah Stella, Daisy, Sue, Blondie, Platine, Emma, Pam, Lydia, dan Bébé. Ke semua rambut palsu tersebut membuat Sophie lebih percaya diri dan semangat dalam menjalani hari-harinya yang berat dan membuat depresi."Sejak beberapa pekan, aku sering memikirkan kematian. Aku memahaminya secara tiba-tiba: aku adalah manusia yang merupakan bagian suatu kehidupan yang lebih besar darinya. Sejak lahir sampai mati, kami menapaki satu utas benang. Itulah garis kehidupan kami. Pemikiran semacam itu membuatku sedikit lebih yakin. Kematian menjadi tidak terlalu asing, tidak terlalu mengancam, tidak terlalu menakutkan. Yang disesalkan hanyalah, mengapa aku yang akan menghampirinya." - hal. 39Sebetulnya agak bingung juga menulis review memoir seperti ini, tapi akhirnya saya mencoba menuliskannya juga.Model di sampul depannya saya pikir adalah hanya seorang model saja (yang agak mirip artis Hollywood siapa gitu lupa), tapi foto-foto seorang gadis yang sedang memakai berbagai macam rambut palsu itu ternyata adalah Sophie sendiri. Ia memang sengaja difoto dengan ke semua model rambut palsu tersebut oleh temannya, Martin.Buku ini hampir sembilan puluh persennya adalah monolog. Untuk setengah perjalanan awal, membacanya biasa saja tapi pada waktu mendekati akhir... buku ini terasa jadi sangat membosankan. Lalu jadinya ingin cepat-cepat aja tutup bukunya >.<Kelebihan buku ini adalah karena semangat Sophie yang menular pada pembacanya. Walau ia memang mengidap kanker, tapi semangat, keberanian, juga humor yang ia tuliskan mampu membuat pandangan baru tentang penyakit ini. Bahwa divonis kanker itu bukan berarti dunia akan langsung berakhir, dengan disiplin dan pantang menyerah semuanya bisa dilalui.Baca selengkapnya di sini:

  • Sabine
    2019-06-05 03:32

    Mit einundzwanzig Jahren erhält Sophie die Diagnose Krebs. Was löst diese Diagnose bei ihr aus, wie geht sie mit der Erkrankung um, und wie kann sie sich weiter vor den anderen behaupten? Mit ihren verschiedenen Perücken lernt sie verschiedene Seiten ihrer selbst kennen, findet sich immer wieder neu und kann damit letztlich ihren Weg machen und gewinnen.Biographien bewerte ich grundsätzlich nicht, denn es schreibt eine Person wie sie etwas erlebt hat – ich finde, mir steht nicht zu, dies als Außenstehender zu bewerten. Als 21jährige die Diagnose Krebs zu erhalten, ist etwas Schreckliches und damit umzugehen sicherlich eine riesige Herausforderung. Da ist jeder anders und Sophie nimmt ihre Perücken, die sie sich im Laufe der Therapie zulegt, als Ausdruck ihrer vielen verschiedenen Emotionen. Sie gibt ihnen Namen und kann dadurch in verschiedene Rollen schlüpfe, je nachdem, wie sie sich gerade fühlt.Die Art, wie Sophie ihre Umgebung, die Ärzte, das Krankenhaus und die Dinge, die mit ihr geschehen, wahrnimmt, hat mich ein bisschen erschreckt. Scheinbar dreht sich für sie das ganze Leben nur um Äußerlichkeiten, wie sie aussieht, wie die Jungs sie sehen, und selbst Doktor L. wird eher als Mann denn als Arzt wahrgenommen. Was mit ihr geschieht, die Nebenwirkungen der Therapie, die Wirkung – das tritt eher ein bisschen in den Hintergrund. Dass sie ihre Gefühle mit den verschiedenen Perücken zeigt und damit anerkennt, dass sie viele verschiedene Seiten und Emotionen in sich trägt, damit aber immer noch Sophie bleibt, das hat mir gut gefallen.Der Sprachstil ist im gesamten Buch, das sich als Tagebuch mit verschiedenen Einträgen über knapp anderthalb Jahre darbietet, eher locker und umgangssprachlich. Dadurch liest sich das Buch schnell weg. Dennoch hatte es für mich einige Längen, denn gerade in der zweiten Hälfte ging es vorwiegend um Verabredungen mit verschiedenen Jungs, deren Namen ich nachher schon gar nicht mehr auseinanderhalten konnte. Verstehen kann ich Sophie in diesen Momenten nicht, aber gut – es ist ihre Art, mit der Situation umzugehen und hier ist sicherlich jeder anders.Insgesamt war das Buch ein interessanter Einblick in die Gefühlswelt von Sophie, die mit 21 Jahren die Diagnose Krebs erhält. Nicht immer konnte ich sie verstehen und ihre Handlungsweisen nachvollziehen - was aber doch zählt, ist, dass sie es geschafft hat und dass sie die Krankheit besiegt hat! Ich wünsche ihr weiterhin alles alles Gute!

  • Annemarie
    2019-06-13 02:36

    Meisje met negen pruiken – Sophie van der StapMeisje met negen pruiken is een autobiografisch boek waarin Sophie haar verhaal verteld uit haar leven, een moment dat ze te horen krijgt dat ze kanker heeft. Ze is nog maar 21 jaar en haar geplande leven neemt ineens andere vormen aan. De toekomst zo ze zich die had voorgesteld veranderd van de een op de andere minuut.In haar boek volgen we haar bij alle ziekenhuisbezoeken, bij alle chemo’s, bij haar leven uit het ziekenhuis (ook al is dat in die periode gering) en de emotionele kant van haar ziek zijn. Sophie haar boek is geen dramatisch boek. Het is prachtig geschreven en vanaf de eerste bladzijde moest ik toch wel even slikken. Helaas ken ik van erg dichtbij het moment dat je moet kiezen om een pruik te nemen, omdat de kaalheid echt te erg wordt. Een vreselijk moment waarbij ook bij haar boek weer te lezen is dat iedereen probeert sterk te zijn voor de ander, maar niemand echt sterk is op dat moment. Al bij dat eerste hoofdstuk raakte het me diep.Sophie laat tevens zien hoe de wereld om haar heen reageert op haar ziek zijn. Mannen die ervoor weglopen, die het risico niet durven nemen. Het gevecht wat ze al heeft met haar ziekte en tegelijkertijd het gevecht om een normaal sociaal/liefdesleven te hebben. Niets is meer vanzelfsprekend. Mensen behandelen haar anders. Soms extreem behulpzaam, soms onzeker en soms door afstand te nemen. Sophie vecht tevens met haarzelf en met wie ze is. Door verschillende pruiken te dragen, laat ze verschillende elementen van Sophie uitvergroot zien. Ze kiest pruiken uit die bij haar stemming passen of bij de situatie waarin ze zich gaat bevinden. De pruiken helpen haar ook om sterker te worden, bepaalde situaties aan te kunnen. Toch merk je dat Sophie vereenzaamt. Ze laat zichzelf aan bijna niemand meer helemaal zien. Zonder pruik durft ze zichzelf niet te tonen. Met pruik is ze ook nooit echt helemaal Sophie, maar altijd maar een deeltje van haar wat ze uitvergroot.Meisje met negen pruiken is een puur en eerlijk boek van een jonge twintiger die vecht voor haar leven wat betreft haar gezondheid als haar sociale leven. Een boek waarin Sophie zichzelf zoekt, de waarde van de mensen om haar heen bepaald en een andere kijk op het leven creëert. Een mooi en ontroerend boek.

  • Alison the Librarian
    2019-06-07 05:33

    It's strange to say that I enjoyed reading a book about a cancer patient and that it was often hilarious, as well as touching, but this is truly as extraordinary story.I don't want to say too much about this one, because of course with a memoir about cancer, there's a lot of spoiler territory. Here are the basics: Sophie is diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at 21 years old with a not very optimistic estimate for her long-term survival. She is, of course, angry, sad, scared, and any other emotion that comes with an illness like this. Sophie is different, though, because she decides not to let the cancer rule her life and embraces the fun of wearing different wigs to channel different parts of her personality. I felt guilty at times while reading this, not just because I'm older than her and have not had to deal with a serious illness like this, but also because I was legitimately enjoying her story and couldn't wait to pick it back up again. I'm not used to reading a story about cancer that is filled with so much humor. Granted, I have not read any other cancer memoirs, but I also learned a lot about the actual lives of cancer patients and how many things they still can do while on chemo or radiation (depending on their specific case, of course.) Sophie's writing style is informal and relatable, and occasionally scattered, but overall very compelling.Sophie is Dutch, and it looks like her story was originally published in 2006 (possibly in Dutch--that's the other version on GoodReads), and I think they even turned her story into a TV movie. (view spoiler)[I was confused at the end when there was a 10-year update on her progress, since the book ends right after she is declared clean and finished her treatments. But this makes sense, if this is a reissue of her 2006 memoir. (hide spoiler)] Overall, this was a really enjoyable read; don't let the topic turn you off of it because it's more about a young woman making the best of a terrible situation and having a good amount of fun in the process.Thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley for allowing me to review this e-galley prior to publication.